Laptop friendly cafés to work from in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Now that remote working is on the rise, there are also more and more cafes in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria where you are more than welcome to bring your laptop, have a coffee and work. These laptop friendly cafes usually make sure to offer fast wifi, good coffee and something tasty to eat.

Already before covid I was working from several cafes; I used to organize the weekly Coffees & Co Working sessions every Wednesday. At the time, there weren’t really cafes available designed for remote workers. But Del Real on Las Canteras, Granier and Panaria (multiple locations), Rincon Del Pan on Calle Guanarteme and the restaurant on the 23rd floor of the AC Hotel near Santa Catalina were (and are) just fine!

Check out some pictures of the Coffees & Co Working meetups in the slideshow below.

  • Coffees & Co Working in Llévame Al Huerto (2018)
  • Coffees & Co Working in the AC Hotel (2019)
  • Coffees & Co Working in La Alberola (2019)
  • Coffees & Co Working in Del Real (2020)
  • Coffees & Co Working in Rincon Del Pan (2019)
  • Coffees & Co Working in La Alberola (2018)
  • Coffees & Co Working in Panaria (2018)
  • Coffees & Co Working in the AC Hotel (2018)
  • Coffees & Co Working in the AC Hotel (2018)

Un Lugar Café

Un Lugar was the first co working cafe to open its doors and is still one of the most popular cafes to work from. The serve great coffee, incredibly fast wifi and got a small assortment of bocadillos, toast, pancakes, croissants and sweets from Bakery de Stefano. They are open from Monday – Friday from 8AM till 5PM. Read more.

Un Lugar

Café Regina

Café Regina is a chain on Gran Canaria with locations in Las Palmas on Las Canteras, Mesa y Lopez, inside El Corte Inglés, CC Alisios, CC Las Arenas and Triana. You will also find them in Vecindario and in the new shopping mall Mogan Mall in Puerto Rico. Their opening hours are different per location, but in general they are open every day untill 11PM or even midnight. The perfect place for some work that has to be done in the late evening! Their menu is quite extensive, with tapas, sandwiches, salads, hamburgers, full main dishes and lots of cakes.

Café Regina, the terrace on Las Canteras

Talleres Palermo

It’s important to explain that there’s the Talleres Palermo coworking and the Talleres Palermo Coworking Kafé. The first one is a traditional coworking and the second one is (as the name suggests) a café where you can work from. On top of that, Talleres Palermo is also an event space and super awesome second hand store. The Kafé is only open from Monday – Friday from 8.30AM – 4.00PM.

Cool Beans

Cool Beans is located in the old town and is, same as Talleres Palermo, only open in the mornings. From Monday – Friday you can join from 8AM – 3PM and have a nice cup of coffee and a simple breakfast. On Saturdays they are open from 9.30AM – 1.30PM. Read more.


Luwak is open from Tuesday – Friday from 9AM – 4PM and serves good coffee and healthy/vegetarian/vegan food. They have some tables inside plus a terrace. The benches on the picture below have been replaced by chairs! In the evening the café transforms into the Mexican restaurant Mazu Cantina, where we have our weekly community meetup Funky Tacos. Read more about Luwak.

Luwak Café
Luwak Café

Amelie Green

Another healthy/vegetarian/vegan café with great food and tasty drinks. Amelie Green is located near Las Canteras, on the southern end, close to La Cicer. The café/restaurant is known for its great food and also recommended by several community members as a nice place to work from.


And then there’s Starbucks! Overpriced coffee and a low service level, but still incredibly popular in the community. I guess good marketing and the amazing location on Las Canteras has something to do with that!

I’m sure there are a lot more places to work from, so share your recommendations and experiences in the comments! Don’t forget to check this article with recommendations from community members! In this post you can find tips for co-workings and coworking cafés in Maspalomas.

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