Ask LIU! Coworkings and cafés to work from in Maspalomas?

In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria it’s not hard to find public spaces to get some work done. In the South it can be harder though, so today we answer the question: what cafés can you work from?

Anybody who knows a quiet outdoorsy café with good WiFi where it’s possible to sit and do a bit of work in the South?

Try La Colmena Restaurant & Lounge, Alibi Café Lounge and Mr. Kale (10-11-2022)

I recommend La Piazza in Maspalomas. Internet speed is around 100-150mb, there’s a side protection for wind/dust and the top is covered so you won’t die under the sun. (29-01-2021)

Any good coworking in the south?

I visited Nomad Beach Coworking today. If you don’t know where to look, it’s hard to find (it’s on the ground floor next to Aqua Ocean Club). Very small, no natural light, the club next door was doing sound checks which you could hear very well in the coworking. There was one person working from there, it was his first and last day at the coworking. “But at least the internet is fast”, he told us. I can imagine that when no one’s working from there it looks closed. Personally, I wouldn’t want to work from there. (19-11-2022)

Exact same experience here. (21-11-2022)

Is there some good coworking space in the south. I would love to have a extra screen to work on. Let me know!

There´s one called “We Love Coworking” but it´s next to a marketing agency and sometimes it can get noisy, depending on the day. You may try for free one day and check it out yourself. (11-11-2022)

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