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Here you’ll find general info about life in Gran Canaria, it’s not specifically tailored to digital nomads. For example, information about getting deliveries send to the Canary Islands, how VAT (IGIC) works here, if you can drink the tapwater here (not recommended) and of course the answer to the most asked question: what is the calima? If you want to join the community in Las Palmas click on Join the community and fill in your email address.

  • What is the calima?

    What is the calima?

    You have probably heard of it and if you haven’t heard of it, you probably have seen it and wondered what it was: the calima. The Canary Islands are located next to the Saharan desert and when there’s a storm or change in weather in the Sahara, this can affect the Canary Islands. The calima […]

  • Join the “Live it up” digital nomads Slack group in Las Palmas

    Join the “Live it up” digital nomads Slack group in Las Palmas

    Acces to the digital nomads Slack group in Las Palmas by Live it up, Las Palmas will be your most valuable asset while being on the island. The community is growing every day and the Slack group is the biggest social network for every digital nomad, remote worker, expat and local entrepreneur on the island […]

  • English speaking hairdressers in Las Palmas

    English speaking hairdressers in Las Palmas

    Getting a haircut can be a nerve wrecking experience, let alone if you do it in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language! So it’s good to know there are hairdressers in Las Palmas who speak English. These hair salons are recommended by community members from Live It Up, Las Palmas!. I have […]

  • The latest info about COVID in Gran Canaria (FAQ)

    The latest info about COVID in Gran Canaria (FAQ)

    Entry requirements, rules and restrictions change regularly. Always check the official sources (shared below the question) to make sure information is still up to date. This article has been updated on March 17. What are the entry requirements?To enter the Canary Islands you need to fill in the SPTH form and have a COVID passport. […]

  • Live (beach) webcams in Gran Canaria

    Live (beach) webcams in Gran Canaria

    Sometimes you just want to check if the weather is nice(r) on the other side of the island; if the waves are good; if there’s still a spot for you on the beach… So it’s good to know there are quite some webcams available! Webcam Playa de La Cicer (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)Live webcam […]

  • Recommendations for Spanish podcasts

    Recommendations for Spanish podcasts

    According to the EF EPI 2021 report (English Proficiency Index), the Canary Islands, ranks 3rd lowest in Spain for Spaniards that speak English. The Canary Islands score 513 points, which is 27 points below the Spanish average level. Only La Rioja and Extramedura rank below Canary Islands. In total, there are 17 regions. So, it’s […]

  • Mobile phone coverage in Gran Canaria

    Mobile phone coverage in Gran Canaria

    Mobile phones and 4g modems are quite common in Gran Canaria and the four main line providers (Movistar, Vodafone, Orange and Masmovil/Yoigo) are are reliable almost everywhere. The owner of cables and mobile phone towers is Movistar, the other operators rent the lines from this company. For this reasons the first developer of 5G lines […]

  • Timing in Gran Canaria

    Timing in Gran Canaria

    Digital nomads comes from different regions of the world and timing regarding activities changes everywhere. I will make an effective résumé of the main activities you might be involved when staying or living here, specifically talking about my and community experiences in Gran Canaria. Getting a NIEDepending on where you are staying it will take […]

  • Fiber internet in Gran Canaria

    Internet is a big deal in Gran Canaria, especially in Las Palmas. The main internet backbones pass through the islands and head towards South America and Africa, that’s why connectivity is so efficient. Home user contracts are mainly fiber and start at 300mb down/up for €30 a month (sometimes discounted at €15 for a year), […]

  • Deliveries in Canary Islands

    Deliveries in Canary Islands

    In general deliveries between the islands work very well with Correos, the national delivery service, which is very efficient and grants sending a package between 24 and 72 hours depending on the chosen service but if we speak about international deliveries it’s a whole different story. The main thing to know? You have to be […]