Ask LIU! Where can I buy (vegan) protein powder in Las Palmas?

Are you looking to buy protein powder in Las Palmas? You’re in luck, as there are a variety of options available in the city. Protein powder is a dietary supplement that is made from various sources of protein. It is often used by athletes and bodybuilders to increase muscle mass. It is also popular with individuals who are looking to add more protein to their diet for overall health.

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, or you’re allergic to dairy, you may want to consider buying vegan protein powder instead. Vegan protein powder is made from plant-based sources of protein and does not contain any animal-derived ingredients. It can be a good alternative for people who want to avoid animal products for ethical or environmental reasons, or who are unable to consume dairy due to allergies.

There are a number of stores in Las Palmas where you can buy protein powder, including health food stores, supplement stores and online retailers. It’s a good idea to shop around and compare prices and products to find the best option for your needs. Check the recommended stores from our community members below!

Please note that these are answers and recommendations from community members and their personal experiences. Answers can be slightly edited for clarity.

Where in Las Palmas can I buy a tasty plantbased protein shake?

I bought plant protein drink powder with quinoa, goji and acai berry (from BioTechUSA) in a supplements store on the ground floor in CC Las Arenas. It’s a quite big supplements store and they have a decent selection of protein supplements.
Piotr | 01-02-2023

There is a shop of close to El Corte Inglés (Calle Presidente Alvear 5). But I do not know if they have the vegetarian protein in stock. I always buy Whey Protein there.
Frank | 01-02-2023

Look at They have vegan protein and a shop close to El Corte Inglés.
Frank | 15-01-2023

Where can I buy protein powder in Las Palmas?

If you’re into chocolate, El Corte Inglés has a chocolate Whey Protein from Foodspring.
David | 14-01-2022

I like to use the Natruly one from Carrefour (might have it in different places too).
Frank | 13-01-2022

I buy it at Decathlon.
Ralf | 13-01-2022

Another option would be to buy it online via They deliver to the Canary Islands and are quite fast.
Adrian | 13-01-2022

I saw some MyProtein powder at Primor in Las Arenas too.
Solene | 13-01-2022

Where can I buy pure plant proteins?

I’m looking for pea, hemp, rice proteins etc.

La Ventana Natural Las Palmas
S | 07-01-2022

At El Corte Inglés, on the 4th or 5th floor, where they sell all their sports stuff.
Artis | 07-01-2022

Pharmacies. Nutrition shops. Just the usual suspects. That’s where I get mine.
Ridvan | 06-01-2022

Where can I buy vegan protein powder?

ProteinaCanaria has some as well.
Theresa | 14-05-2022

Try Decathlon!
Eva | 13-05-2022

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