Introducing “Register Gran Canaria”: Our Trusted Partner for NIE, Residency and More

Are you a foreigner looking to establish yourself in Gran Canaria? Navigating the bureaucratic maze of obtaining essential documents like NIE cards, residency permits, and empadronamiento can often be overwhelming. That’s where Jonna and her company, Register Gran Canaria, step in. As one of our valued community members, Jonna has been assisting foreigners in seamlessly acquiring the necessary paperwork and legalities to settle down in Gran Canaria.

I picked up my new NIE card yesterday, with Jonna. Her help, through the whole process, was phenomenal! I can’t recommend her services highly enough.
Helen | 06-07-2023

With a commitment to providing efficient and reliable services, Jonna has earned a reputation as a trusted resource for those seeking assistance with their administrative needs. Specializing in helping foreigners with NIE application, residency permits, empadronamiento, and even registering as autonomo, Jonna offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to streamline the process and make it hassle-free.

We had support for the full pack of documents from Jonna. All went great. My best recommendations.
Andrey | 05-07-2023

Jonna’s approach is characterized by her efficiency, friendliness, and in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of the Spanish administrative system. Her dedication to her clients’ success is evident through the impressive turnaround times and smooth processes described by her satisfied clients. Moreover, her ability to manage complex interviews and requirements with ease has earned her a reputation as a true professional in her field.

Jonna helped me change the address on my residence card. She did everything and I just had to arrive at the interview with her. It was like watching a magician working. The interviewer asked for something, Jonna pulled it out of her file, next thing, next document and so on. Very smooth process. She was really efficient. Highly recommend.
Peter | 05-07-2023

If you’re seeking a reliable partner to guide you through the process of obtaining essential documents for living in Gran Canaria, look no further than Register Gran Canaria. Jonna’s reasonably priced services, along with her quick and efficient work, have already helped numerous community members in their journey to establish themselves in this beautiful Spanish destination. Don’t hesitate to reach out in Slack and benefit from her expertise – your smooth transition to life in Gran Canaria is just a few steps away.

I can recommend Jonna’s services for getting empadronamiento / the travel certificate for discounted travel! She’s very efficient, friendly, and knowledgeable. I gave her my documents yesterday, she applied for me today, and I received the travel certificate today! (I also got the empadronamiento)
Jon | 07-06-2023

Are you a remote worker, local professional, immigrant, digital nomad or expat in Gran Canaria?

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