Renting an electric scooter with Lovesharing

If you are a resident or a visitor to the Canary Islands, you will be thrilled to know that Lovesharing Motos has introduced the first motorsharing service to facilitate mobility in the city. This innovative service allows users to access 100% electric motorcycles through the Lovesharing Motos app, providing an easy and sustainable way to move around the city.

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Easy and sustainable mobility

Lovesharing Motos has designed solutions that are fully adapted to your needs. With motorcycles spread over different key points in Gran Canaria, the Lovesharing Motos app allows you to reserve your electric motorcycle with a 100% digital and free process. This makes it easy and convenient to access our motorcycles and contribute to sustainability by reducing your carbon footprint.

Pay-per-use options

One of the great features of Lovesharing Motos is the different pay-per-use options that are available. If you are an occasional user, you can choose the pay-per-minute option and only pay for the time you use the motorcycle. Alternatively, if you use our motorcycles frequently, you can subscribe to our flat rate and enjoy unlimited minutes. There is also an option to prepay your minutes and use them when you need them. Check the website for up to date prices.

Subscription plan

The subscription plan is perfect for those who use our motorcycles frequently. Once you subscribe, you will be able to enjoy unlimited minutes. When your subscription plan time has been consumed, you can continue to use the motorcycle with an additional charge per minute. Check the website for up to date prices.

Members experiences with Lovesharing

If you just want to go around in Las Palmas Lovesharing is the easiest I think, I use them often. Sometimes the bikes are in a bit of bad condition but mostly it works well.
Andras | 23-01-2023

I uploaded my passport and driving license in the app but it wasn’t working. After contacting the customer support a couple of times they fixed it. I finally got it working and I had my first ride just now.

It’s possible to rent the scooters per minute or for 24 hours for €19. They are located all over Las Palmas and in a few places in the outskirts of Las Palmas.

There are 3 modes – standard, custom and Xtra, which allow for different top speeds. Helmets are provided in the storage box.
Jim | 19-04-2022

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