Taking a taxi in Gran Canaria

Taxi’s are pretty cheap in Gran Canaria and for that reason a great form of transportation. If you see a taxi driving with a green light just wave at the taxi and if the driver spots you, he will stop. Orange or red lights means that the taxi is occupied.

Between 6AM and 10PM the fee is: €2,40 + €0,70 per kilometer.

Between 10PM and 6AM the fee is: €3,00 + €0,75 per kilometer.

During public holidays the fee is: €3,00 + €0,75 per kilometer.

You can pay the taxi driver in cash or with a credit card or debit card. It’s recommended to tell the taxi driver during the ride if you want to pay with card; some drivers don’t have their machine on and it takes some time for them to connect it. They can get pissed off if you tell them on arrival that you want to pay with card. They can not refuse your card payment, they are legally obliged to accept card payments.

Is there UBER or LYFT in the Canary Islands?
No, there is no service like UBER of LYFT in the Canary Islands. The next best thing to use is PideTaxi. The registration process is fast and simple so in case you can’t find a taxi, it’s your best option. Download in Google Playstore or in the Apple App Store.

Calling a taxi
The best taxi service to call is TARAGRANCA via 928 46 00 00.

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