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  • Restaurant recommendations Maspalomas

    Restaurant recommendations Maspalomas

    Maspalomas is a very touristy destination and it can be hard to find good food. I’ve tried several restaurants in Maspalomas and here are some of my recommendations. I hope you will enjoy them! Restaurante Kilómetro 00 is a real gem, hidden in the odd shopping mall Cita. It’s an Italian gourmet pasta bar, with […]

  • My favourite pizza in Las Palmas/Maspalomas

    My favourite pizza in Las Palmas/Maspalomas

    I love food and going out for dinner. I’m an omnivore and there’s not much food that I don’t like. I remember eating raw squid once at a sushi bar and that was definitely a no, but that’s about it. So I would like to share my favourite pizza(place) with you and my favourite pizza! […]

  • The Dunes Of Maspalomas

    The Dunes Of Maspalomas

    The dunes of Maspalomas are one of the hotspots you must visit when you are in Gran Canaria. The dunes are located on the southwest coast of the island and are a protected nature reserve since 1987. A lot of people think that the sand was imported from the Sahara but this is not the […]