3 Must Try Asian Restaurants In The South of Gran Canaria

In this post we’ll be sharing recommendations for Asian restaurants in the South of Gran Canaria, as suggested by members of our community. If you have any additional recommendations, please feel free to share them on Slack or reach out via Instagram. Your input is valued as we collectively explore the diverse Asian culinary offerings in this region. Let’s embark on this culinary journey together and discover the best Asian dining options in the South of Gran Canaria.

Kruaa Thai – Thai Restaurant in Maspalomas

In the summer of 2023, Maspalomas welcomed Kruaa Thai, a Thai restaurant that has taken the town by storm, receiving only 5 star reviews on Google Maps. The restaurant has been praised as the best Thai food outside of Thailand, in Gran Canaria. Kruaa Thai’s menu offers mouthwatering dishes, from soups to curries, all leaving diners craving more, while its exceptional customer service creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Spice enthusiasts should not miss the homemade sauce! Read more about Kruua Thai.

I tried Kruua Thai a few days ago and Pad Thai & Masaman Curry were great. I would not recommend Mango sticky rice, though.
Enes | 23-09-2023

Taj Palace – Indian Restaurant in Puerto Rico

Taj Palace in Puerto Rico offers a flavorful Indian dining experience, featuring a shared dining option with a variety of dishes like sizzling platters, curries, rice, and naan. Patrons Diners have praised the welcoming staff, generous portion sizes, and diverse menu, which includes vegan choices. While some consider the cuisine a modern twist on Indian flavors, many find it delicious. Despite occasional delays in service, the inviting ambiance and reasonable pricing make Taj Palace a popular choice for both locals and tourists, with reservations recommended for a seamless dining experience. Read more about Taj Palace.

Try Taj Palace in Mogan Mall if you’re looking for good Indian food in the South.
Timo | 21-05-2023

Auntie’s Kitchen- Indian Restaurant in Puerto Rico

Auntie’s Kitchen in Puerto Rico offers a taste of Indian cuisine with a lot of vegan and vegetarian options. While reviews highlight friendly staff and flavorful dishes, occasional service hiccups and nearby noisy bars can disrupt the ambiance. However, the restaurant’s generous portion sizes and willingness to accommodate special requests make it an attractive choice for those seeking a vibrant Indian culinary experience in Puerto Rico. Read more about Auntie’s Kitchen.

Auntie’s Kitchen GC is superb. But you have to reserve a table on Facebook as it’s always heaving.
Irena | 03-05-2022

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