Restaurant recommendations Maspalomas

Maspalomas is a very touristy destination and it can be hard to find good food. I’ve tried several restaurants in Maspalomas and here are some of my recommendations. I hope you will enjoy them! Also read the recommendations from our community members.

Restaurante Kilómetro00 – dinner

Restaurante Kilómetro 00 is a real gem, hidden in the odd shopping mall Cita. It’s an Italian gourmet pasta bar, with high quality ingredients and a great selection of wines. One of my favourite pastas on the menu is the truffle carbonara, it never disappoints. The pannacotta with red wine reduction is also a must-try. They recently added a tasting menu, which allows you to try multiple starters and pastas. Make sure to be hungry if you take the tasting menu, because you will be served a lot of food!

  • maccheroni with spinach, sausage and cheese - Kilometro00
  • maccheroni with lemon, basil and black pepper - Kilometro00
  • paccheri alla gricia - Kilometro00
  • ravioli with asparagus - Kilometro00

Calma Café – breakfast, lunch & brunch

Calma Café serves breakfast, brunch, lunch and homemade sweets from Monday till Friday. Their sandwiches and wraps are amazing and they make some pretty good cinnamon rolls too. On their menu you will find a seperate vegetarian menu and a menu with their vegan dishes. They also have some gluten free options.

The English Bakery Café – breakfast, lunch & dinner

Another place I really like for breakfast/brunch/lunch is The English Bakery Café in CC Yumbo. I absolutely love a good Club Sandwich and they make a pretty good one! Their English breakfast is also very good and ofcourse their pasties and pies are worth trying. Menu here.

Good Vibes – dinner & drinks

Good Vibes (cocktail bar and restaurant) is known for their cocktails, burgers, tacos and ofcourse the good vibes of the restaurant. A bi plus is that every dish on the menu can be converted into a vegetarian or vegan-friendly version. Good vibes all over!

B2 burgerbar – lunch, dinner & drinks

B2 burgerbar This restaurant is known for their burgers ánd local and international artisanal fresh beers. They have a big selection of beers, so I’d definitely recommend to try a few. If you order a burger you can pick the type of fries you want: go for the rustic fries, you won’t regret!

Restaurante LoLa – dinner

If you want something a bit more special, try Restaurante LoLa, for a casual fine dining experience. Their menu changes every three months, so you can try new dishes every time. Most dishes are gluten free, but I wouldn’t recommend to go here if you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet.

  • octopus carpaccio with wasabi and crisps - LoLa
  • carpaccio with hazelnuts, truffle mayonaise and deepfried egg yolk - LoLa
  • Pork cheek with five spice sauce, spinach and artichoke puree - Lola

Calma Chicha Restaurant – dinner

Another great fine dining experience I’ve had at Calma Chicha Restaurant. The dishes on their menu are creative and delicious so it’s hard to choose! That’s why we went for their tasting menu (€80 including paired wines. The tasting menu is €60 without wines) and we were not disappointed. We enjoyed all seven dishes and the wines a lot and took my boyfriends allergies very seriously (which is not always the case). Definitely recommend!

Parque Romántico – lunch & dinner

Restaurante Parque Romántico is a resort restaurant, but open to the public. A reservation is required though. They describe themselves as “a stylish resort restaurant serving contemporary Mediterranean seafood with Asian touches.” I would definitely come back for their tuna tartar with mustard ice cream!

 Tuna Tartar with mustard icecream – Parque Romántico

And more…

El Segundo Muelle and 450 Gradi have locations both in Maspalomas and in Las Palmas. I’ve tried the ones in Las Palmas and I really like their food, so I guess it’s safe to recommend them also in Maspalomas.

  • ceviche frito - El Segundo Muelle
  • ceviche de mariscos a los tres ajíes - El Segundo Muelle
  • pizza delizia - 450 Gradi

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