The Best Meat Restaurants In Gran Canaria

Steak and meat restaurants have long been a favorite dining destination for meat lovers around the world. From the classic American steakhouse to the trendy Brazilian churrasco, these restaurants offer a variety of cuts, cooking styles, and flavor profiles that are sure to satisfy any carnivorous craving. Whether you’re a fan of juicy ribeye or tender filet mignon, there’s a steak or meat dish for every palate. In this article we’ll share the personal favourites from community members! Share your own recommendations for meat restaurants in Gran Canaria in the comments!

Please note that these are answers and recommendations from community members and their personal experiences. Answers can be slightly edited for clarity.

Please recommend a good place for secreto ibérico in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria?

El Churrasco
Joss | 27-12-2022

I’m looking for some good fried chicken in Las Palmas de GC

It’s not nearby but Pollo & más Juan griego delivers. It’s my go-to spot. Make sure to get the spicy sauce! It’s not very spicy, but cardemom heavy, which works well with the chicken.
Eric | 24-08-2022

Look for asadero de pollos in Google Maps.
Nelleke | 23-08-2022

What’s Your Favourite Steak Restaurant In Gran Canaria?

I suggest origen steakhouse
Florindo | 13-11-2023

Lomo Alto at Gambrinus is also a very special treat.
Alfred | 13-11-2023

Casa Brito (Arucas)
Prakash | 13-11-2023

Búho Tuerto and El Novillo Precoz have good steak. I also like El Churrasco but it’s more expensive and a very different dining experience. All these restaurants are in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (but El Churrasco also has a location in Maspalomas).
Nelleke | 13-11-2023

I eat nice meat in Restaurante Casa Carmelo in Las Canteras, Restaurante Tagoror in Guayadeque and Restaurante La Pasadilla and Restaurante Grill El Cazador in la Pasadilla.
Giuseppe | 11-09-2021

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