Ask LIU! What Is Your Favourite Coworking Cafe In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria?

All sorts of questions are being asked every day in our community on Slack. Here you can find the answers from community members to all sorts of questions. Today: what is your favourite coworking cafe or public place to work from in Las Palmas? Fun fact: did you know that this community all started back in 2018 as a weekly coworking meetup? You can read the full history of the Live it up, Las Palmas! remote work community in this post!

Please note that these are answers from community members and their experiences; I have no affiliation with any of the locations mentioned.

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What’s your favourite coworking cafe in Las Palmas to work from?

I was in Cool Beans today and it’s amazing. Totally recommended!
Carla | 18-02-2023
Un Lugar, Café Regina, Amelie Green.
Taipan | 18-02-2023

I can recommend Biblioteca Pública del Estado en Las Palmas next to the bus station San Telmo.
Valerie | 08-02-2023

I will go to work to Un Lugar for few hours, best filtered coffee in Las Palmas de GC I found so far. Very friendly bartender. Otherwise good place is Talleres Palermo, lot of people there, cool space for working too.
Vojtech | 18-01-2023

I know many people that work from Starbucks.
Nicola | 08-01-2023

Terra Bella and Jamaica.
Jon | 23-02-2022

I would super recommend Talleres Palermo! Best working vibe in Las Palmas.
Jao | 29-01-2022

I can strongly recommend Library Insular Gran Canaria. Big, nice, good internet, PCs if you need them, and great opening hours!
Alfred | 09-01-2022

If anyone is looking for a place to work from in the La Isleta area, I used Las delicias de Cicita close to Castillo de la Luz this week: big tables, good internet with 35mbps, super cheap coffee and sandwiches and okay to work from (not so ideal for calls because of the street noise).
Stefanie | 04-01-2022

LUWAK, Un Lugar, Café Regina, Amelie Green
Stefanie | 06-01-2022

Also LUWAK is good! Plugs, wifi and they have lemonade.
Simona | 06-01-2022

I’m not working from cafes anymore, but I enjoyed working from these coworking cafe’s in Las Palmas in the past. This was before covid (except Un Lugar) so I’m not sure how they are to work from right now, but internet was good and the staff was fine with me working there! Cafetería del Real, Rincon Del Pan, Granier, Panaderia, AC Hotel (restaurant), Un Lugar.
Nelleke | 06-01-2022

I like Starbucks for an hour or so. 
Peter | 05-01-2022

The perfect coworking spot in Vegueta is called Cool Beans. They recently opened and have a very nice environment and focus on hosting remote workers.
Daniela | 09-07-2021

Did you know some nice place where I can work from near Triana?

Panaria on Calle Constantino 18 is welcoming remote workers (they even have a sticker on their door saying they are laptop friendly. Just spend some money and you’re good. I’ve also worked from Rincon del Pan. In general, as long as you buy food and drinks they will be fine with you working from there.
Nelleke | 29-01-2023

Julia | 22-01-2023

Do you have any recommendation for an internet cafe in Las Palmas, where I can work during the weekend?

Café Regina and Starbucks have been fine with me staying for hours.
Pete | 19-08-2022

I personally like Bread and Coffee to work from the beach, the place has a nice vibe.
Matt | 06-05-2022

My favorite place for work after 5PM or the weekends is the rooftop from the Santa Catalina, a Royal Hideaway Hotel.
Andrea | 06-12-2021

Flavio | 04-12-2021

Del Real. Cafe Regina. The Couple. All these restaurants are open on the weekend and as long as you spend money, they are happy to have you.
Nelleke | 04-12-2021

Which coworking cafes do you recommend to work from near La Cicer in Las Palmas?

I love Maripili to work from and it’s very close to La Cicer. They are laptopfriendly and there’s always plenty of space.
Julia | 03-03-2023

The Block is decent. Not too many seats with power outlets available, but in the afternoon it’s pretty quiet. Internet connection and speed is insane. 280mb download and 105 up.
Paul | 23-11-2021

The Block could be a great spot for shorter work sessions. Great view on the surf spot, but outside seating only.
David | 23-11-2021

Try Talleres Palermo.
Jane | 22-11-2021

The Crunch Mozart near the surf beach doesn’t have WiFi but they also didn’t mind me working from there.
Pete | 19-08-2021

From which laptop friendly café in Las Palmas can I work till late at night?

Café Regina at Las Canteras is open till midnight.
Nelleke | 07-10-2021

What’s more, a lot of these restaurants are also recommended for their great breakfast! Check the list with recommendations for restaurants with a great breakfast (in Las Palmas).

Which internet café in Las Palmas do YOU recommend to work from? Leave a reply in the comments! Likewise, recommendations for co-working cafes in other areas of the island are also welcome!

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