Laptop friendly cafe LUWAK on Calle Joaquín Costa

LUWAK is a small specialty coffee and healthy food café on Calle Joaquín Costa 24. It’s a typical digital nomad café with friendly staff, good coffee and fast wifi. They are open from Tuesday to Sunday till 4PM. On weekdays they open at 9AM and on the weekends at 10AM.

At 7PM this cafe transforms into a Mexican restaurant, Mazu, and this is where our community meets every Wednesday at 7PM. More info here.

the terrace at LUWAK

In February I went to visit to have a small brunch with my boyfriend. The menu is small, with two starters, three tostas, three sandwiches, three principales (mains) and some sweets. I like it when a restaurant has a small menu, since this usually means they are good at everything they prepare and that ingredients are fresh.

the interior of LUWAK

I had to Google a few ingredients before deciding; I’d never heard of furikake (a Japanese seasoning typically made with toasted sesame seeds, nori, salt and sugar) or a bikini trufado (it seems to be a grilled sandwich?). My boyfriend chose the tosta pan de masa madre con house ricota, calabaza asada, kale, espinacas y salvia (also my first choice), so I decided to go for the tosta; pan de masa madre con hummus de miso, setas y furikake.

pan de masa madre con house ricota, calabaza asada, kale, espinacas y salvia

We split the tosta’s 50/50 so we both could try the tostas. This first one was definitel my favourite, with super tasty ricotta! I’d definitely order this one again.

pan de masa madre con hummus de miso, setas y furikake

I really liked the hummus and the mushrooms had a good flavour, but I was a bit disappointed that the mushrooms were cold. Like, fresh out of the fridge cold. I didn’t expect freshly prepared hot mushrooms ofcourse, but I think it would have tasted better if they were reheated just a bit. Overall, still good!

Since we were still hungry after eating the tostas and my boyfriend is a pastry chef, we also ordered a cookie (monster) to share.

cookie monster

Overall, a pleasant experience, but keep in mind that the prices higher than typical Canarian restaurants/cafes. An espresso is €1,80 and the tostas and sandwiches range between €5,50 and €8,00.

the menu (February 2022)

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