Fiber internet in Gran Canaria

Internet is a big deal in Gran Canaria, especially in Las Palmas. The main internet backbones pass through the islands and head towards South America and Africa, that’s why connectivity is so efficient.

Home user contracts are mainly fiber and start at 300mb down/up for €30 a month (sometimes discounted at €15 for a year), up to 1GB down/up for €45 a month.

The capital is much better served compared to the rest of the island.
Maspalomas (in the south) is well served too in terms of fiber but most of the small villages around don’t have fast internet yet and rely on 4G modems capped at 20MB down / 1MB up.
Fiber is expanding quickly though and you often see workers arranging new cables around.

Speaking about mobile internet, 5G is getting introduced in Las Palmas and most of the coast towns are fairly served with 4G. The main mobile carriers are Vodafone, Orange, Yoigo (MasMovil) and Movistar.

In terms of fiber speed Movistar holds the network cables but Vodafone offers more bandwidth for a lower price. Regarding mobile speed all the main operators are quite similar in 4G and 5G.

There are often seasonal offers on both long term and immediate rescission contracts. The last ones are very interesting because with a short notice you’re allowed to recede from a contract and switch to another operator if needed.

When browsing different offers remember that those prices apply to residents who own a NIE or a similar Spanish document. If you need to sign a contract with your foreign passport make sure the company will not increase prices only for this reason.

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