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  • Mobile phone coverage in Gran Canaria

    Mobile phone coverage in Gran Canaria

    Mobile phones and 4g modems are quite common in Gran Canaria and the four main line providers (Movistar, Vodafone, Orange and Masmovil/Yoigo) are are reliable almost everywhere. The owner of cables and mobile phone towers is Movistar, the other operators rent the lines from this company. For this reasons the first developer of 5G lines […]

  • Timing in Gran Canaria

    Timing in Gran Canaria

    Digital nomads comes from different regions of the world and timing regarding activities changes everywhere. I will make an effective résumé of the main activities you might be involved when staying or living here, specifically talking about my and community experiences in Gran Canaria. Getting a NIEDepending on where you are staying it will take […]

  • Fiber internet in Gran Canaria

    Internet is a big deal in Gran Canaria, especially in Las Palmas. The main internet backbones pass through the islands and head towards South America and Africa, that’s why connectivity is so efficient. Home user contracts are mainly fiber and start at 300mb down/up for €30 a month (sometimes discounted at €15 for a year), […]

  • Coworking spaces in Las Palmas

    Coworking spaces in Las Palmas

    While some digital nomads love to work from home or from cafes and restaurants, also coworking spaces are very popular. This is an overview of all the coworking spaces in Las Palmas that I know of. If I am missing one, please let me know in the comments below! And feel free to share your […]

  • Printing documents in Las Palmas / Gran Canaria

    Printing documents in Las Palmas / Gran Canaria

    Though we live in a very digital time, every now and then you need to print some documents. Not every digital nomad works from a coworking and not even all coworkings have a printer available. So where to go? Easy! Google is your friend; type in copisterias and a whole bunch of copy shops will […]