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With so many different internet service providers available, it can be overwhelming to try to choose the right one. However, by taking the time to compare the different options, you can find the best internet service provider to meet your needs. This may include considering factors such as the cost of the service, the speed of the internet connection, and the reliability of the provider. In addition, it is important to consider any additional features or services that may be offered, such as unlimited data or the ability to connect multiple devices. By carefully comparing internet service providers and their plans, you can ensure they are getting the best value for their money and the best internet connection to support your work.

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Please note that these are answers and recommendations from community members and their personal experiences. Answers can be slightly edited for clarity.

What are the best internet providers in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria?

I’m with Pepephone, I like it.
Jon | 13-03-2023

We are using Digi‘s 1Gb fiber optica (€20 a month). They also have 500Mb option for €15€ a month). The connection is stable and works really well. We both use it for remote work:
5-10 Meets/team meetings per day x 2, Slack, CRM & Marketing automation, data uploads / downloads.
Samuli | 02-03-2023

Digi is great, I’m a happy customer, but you must use the service for 3 months at least.
Antonio | 02-03-2023

I use Finetwork and pay from my Revolut account by direct debit.
Ian | 28-02-2023

I use Lowi and I don’t have a Spanish bank account. I just pay directly with my UK bank card as if it was a purchase and that’s it.
Rafael | 25-02-2023

I’m happy with Vodafone.
Nelleke | 13-10-2022

I have Orange as my home internet as well as for two cell phones. It took about a week to install the internet.
Eric | 13-10-2022

I’ve got Movistar. Internet was up and running less than 24h after ordering it at the kiosk. No problems whatsoever so far.
Frank | 31-08-2022

I can recommend you FiNetwork, they don’t require you to buy a land phone line and it’s fast and cheap.
Patricia | 23-02-2022

Yoigo is the provider of my choice. The traffic is capped (150 GB) but enough to do most of your work and you can take it with you as it is mobile. Data rates are up to 90 Mbit.
Sebastian | 12-01-2022

I’d defo have a look at Pepephone. Best quality/price/customer exp by far in Spain. Symmetric optic fiber 300 or 600mb, combined with mobile data/calls.
Emilio | 11-01-2022

If you are looking for a home/fixed connection I would go with Movistar. It’s my current provider and I can vouch for it. Great speed, considering what the island can provide . They also provide a very good WiFi router.
Dragos | 21-12-2021

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