Coworkings in Las Palmas de GC with phone boots for private calls

As the digital nomad movement continues to reshape the way we work, the island’s coworking spaces have evolved to meet the unique needs of remote workers. In this article, we delve into how Gran Canaria’s coworking spaces, equipped with essential amenities like phone booths and private meeting rooms, play a pivotal role in empowering digital nomads to thrive in this paradisiacal setting.

White Forest near La Cicer has multiple phone boots available.
Nelleke | 01-07-2023

Fusing Productivity and Adventure

Coworking spaces in Gran Canaria have embraced the needs of digital nomads, offering them not just a workspace, but a platform for success. Phone booths within these spaces act as sanctuaries for undisturbed concentration. For the nomad working on an important conference call with a time zone halfway around the world, the phone booth provides an oasis of tranquility, shielding them from the bustle of the co-working area.

Take a look at The House, it’s a great space with a fantastic community vibe and it can offer private office space. I tend to have my video calls on their spacious roof top.
Jason | 06-01-2023

The availability of phone booths and private meeting rooms in Gran Canaria’s coworking spaces doesn’t just address practical needs; it elevates the level of professionalism digital nomads can bring to their work. Phone booths create an environment where virtual meetings exude professionalism, regardless of the physical location. Digital nomads can confidently interact with clients and partners, knowing that their surroundings match the quality of their conversations.

Soppa de Azul has several private phone boots.
Nelleke | 05-01-2023

Private meeting rooms are equally transformative. In a place where every corner seems to whisper tales of adventure, these rooms offer a haven for focused collaboration. More importantly, they guarantee confidentiality, a critical factor in many business discussions. In Gran Canaria’s coworking spaces, digital nomads can have candid conversations, knowing that their ideas and sensitive information remain shielded from unintended ears.

I tried Soppa de Azul and it was perfect for my needs.
Laura | 11-01-2023

Gran Canaria’s coworking spaces, with their thoughtful inclusion of phone booths and private meeting rooms, foster a seamless integration of work and play—a hallmark of the nomadic lifestyle. By providing dedicated spaces for communication and collaboration, these facilities enable digital nomads to be fully present in their tasks during work hours. Consequently, they can disconnect and explore the island with a clear mind, appreciating the beauty and adventure that Gran Canaria has to offer.

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