Co-working Soppa de Azul in La Isleta (Las Palmas de GC)

In the heart of Las Palmas, a hidden gem known as Soppa de Azul awaits those seeking not just a coworking space, but a vibrant hub of creativity, community, and comfort. It’s not just a place to work; it’s a place to connect, create, and be inspired.

A Home Away from Home

From the moment you step into Soppa de Azul, you’re enveloped in a warm and welcoming atmosphere that instantly makes you feel at home. This is no ordinary coworking space – it’s a haven carefully curated by the owner, Alex, who has poured his heart into creating a space that transcends the typical workspace. His genuine kindness and care have turned many visitors into friends, fostering a sense of belonging that’s hard to find elsewhere.

A Fusion of Work and Art

Soppa de Azul is more than just a place to plug in your laptop; it’s a canvas of creativity. The space is adorned with art that transforms the office into an inspiring environment for work, collaboration, and socializing. The fusion of functionality and aesthetic appeal is not only visually pleasing but also enhances the overall work experience. It’s a space where innovation thrives, ideas flow, and connections are forged.

Where Work and Community Converge

One of the remarkable features of Soppa de Azul is its ability to bring together a diverse community of digital nomads, artists, and professionals. The spirit of camaraderie is palpable, creating opportunities for networking, collaboration, and lifelong friendships. The occasional workshops hosted at the space further enrich the experience, providing valuable learning opportunities and skill-sharing sessions.

Beyond the Workspace

Soppa de Azul is more than just four walls and desks. It’s an embodiment of comfort, convenience, and creativity. High-speed internet ensures that your virtual endeavors run smoothly. The availability of spacious meeting rooms caters to both focused discussions and collaborative brainstorming sessions. And let’s not forget the coffee – a vital fuel for productive workdays.

Proximity to Paradise

Situated just three minutes away from the ocean, Soppa de Azul offers an idyllic location that balances work with the calming presence of the sea. The surroundings enhance the sense of tranquility and serve as a reminder that, even in the midst of productivity, nature’s beauty is just a stone’s throw away.

A Testament of Satisfaction

Visitors to Soppa de Azul cannot help but sing its praises. Reviews consistently highlight the amiable owner, Alex, whose kindness and genuine care create an environment where everyone feels valued. The fusion of workspaces with an art gallery, the availability of private booths for calls, and the overall aesthetics make Soppa de Azul a standout choice for coworking.

Soppa de Azul transcends the ordinary. It’s a sanctuary where work and art intertwine, where community blossoms, and where you’re not just another member, but a cherished part of a bigger family. Whether you’re a digital nomad, an artist, or a professional seeking an inspiring place to work, Soppa de Azul is an invitation to experience coworking in its most exceptional form.

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