White Forest Coworking in Guanarteme

White Forest Coworking in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has been receiving lots of positive reviews from individuals and groups who have had the opportunity to experience this new and productive workspace in Guanarteme (near La Cicer). From its convenient location to its well-designed facilities and welcoming atmosphere, it’s clear that White Forest Coworking is making a positive impact on the local coworking scene.

Great Location

Many people love how close this coworking space is to Playa de Las Canteras. It’s just a one-minute walk away, so you can take a break and relax by the beautiful beach when you need to. Plus, being near the beach with its gorgeous sunsets and active people makes the place even cooler.

What makes White Forest Coworking stand out is how they’ve set up their workspace. It’s designed to look modern and inviting, with nice, bright colors. This doesn’t just make it look good; it also helps people work better. They’ve got good air conditioning, so even on hot days, you can work comfortably and stay focused.

Soundproof Call Booths

This place has a bunch of stuff to make its members happy. They’ve got private, quiet phone booths for calls, special rooms for meetings, big desks for working, and a friendly front desk area where people can hang out. They also give out free coffee, tea, and water to keep everyone comfy and happy while they work.

Community Events

What makes White Forest Coworking special is that it’s like a big, friendly group. They have regular get-togethers, like weekly coffee breaks with snacks, where members can meet, make friends, and share their stories. Myriam, the friendly manager, is a big part of why everyone feels so welcome and happy.

People also like this place because it’s quiet and helps them stay focused. They have special phone booths that keep noise out, so you can work without getting bothered. The whole vibe here is good for thinking up new ideas and staying on track with your work. Plus, there are lots of different people with interesting backgrounds to chat with, which makes it fun.

Easy Onboarding

People like how White Forest Coworking is well-run and organized. When new members join, they get a clear and smooth introduction to how things work. This makes joining easy and adds to the good impression of the place.

To sum it up, White Forest Coworking is a top pick for people looking for a coworking spot in the area of Guanarteme. It’s in a good location, has great facilities, a friendly vibe, and a strong sense of community, making it perfect for freelancers, remote workers, and startups. People who’ve been here want to come back because it’s such a great coworking place.

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