Coworking Spaces and Laptop Friendly Cafés in the Neighbourhood of La Isleta

Are you looking for a place to work remotely in La Isleta, one of the most creative areas of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria? In this article we introduce you to three coworking options and one café with wifi that will make you feel at home. The coworkings that we’ll be covering are Coco Tropical, Fico and Soppa de Azul, each with its own style and services. Keep reading to learn more details about these coworkings and choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

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Coworking: Coco Tropical

Coco Tropical Coworking stands as a testament to the perfect synergy between productivity and comfort. With ergonomic seating and tables, abundant natural light, and the luxury of air conditioning, the space offers an unparalleled experience. The unique selling points lie in the provision of private meeting spaces and conference call cabins, a testament to its commitment to professionalism. Beyond functionality, the coworking space transforms into a warm community, where advice, conversations, and connections thrive, enhancing your professional journey. Amidst the bustling city, Coco Tropical provides tranquility, spacious workstations, high-speed internet connectivity, and flexible hours, redefining the coworking paradigm.

I used Coco Tropical coworking last week and it was good. They have nice chairs.
Mareusz | 15-01-2023

Coworking: Fico

FICO Coworking in Las Palmas offers a unique blend of hospitality, creativity, and productivity. With a warm and welcoming owner, Rocco, at its helm, FICO stands out for its specialty coffee that’s not only a delight to the senses but a work of art. The space itself is an inspiring haven adorned with local art, featuring adaptable chairs and adjustable tables that transform into stand-up desks, promoting a comfortable and focused work environment. FICO goes beyond being a workspace; it’s a community where connections are forged and friendships are nurtured. Its proximity to the stunning Playa de Las Canteras seamlessly integrates work and leisure, making FICO Coworking a standout destination for digital nomads seeking a unique and holistic coworking experience.

If you like good coffee, I really recommend Fico. It’s very good there.
Francesco| 14-06-2023

Coworking: Soppa de Azul

Discover Soppa de Azul, a gem in Las Palmas that goes beyond workspace norms. With a welcoming atmosphere curated by owner Alex, this space feels like home as friendships blossom instantly. Adorned with art, it merges creativity and functionality seamlessly. It’s a nexus of digital nomads, artists, and professionals, fostering a community where collaborations thrive, complemented by occasional workshops. Just minutes from the ocean, Soppa de Azul offers both work and tranquility. With amiable owner Alex, praised for his care, along with art-infused work areas and private call booths, this coworking haven stands out. Experience coworking differently at Soppa de Azul, where work, art, and community intertwine harmoniously.

Soppa de Azul is pretty nice and not too pricey.
Mayanoa | 13-01-2023

Café: Las delicias de Cicita

Las Delicias de Cicita is an Italian-operated cafe located conveniently on the way to Las Canteras. The soy cappuccino is skillfully prepared, and their house-made carrot cake, though slightly dense, carries its own appeal. Notably, the café provides a conducive environment for laptop work, making it a suitable choice for productivity. With the street noise, it could be a challenge to have work calls, though. With reasonable prices of approximately 2.80 € for both cake and cappuccino, it offers good value.

If anyone is looking for a place to work from in the La Isleta area, I used Las delicias de Cicita close to Castillo de la Luz this week: big tables, good internet with 35mbps, super cheap coffee and sandwiches and okay to work from (not so ideal for calls because of the street noise).
Stefanie | 04-01-2022

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