Fico Coworking in La Isleta (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)

Located in the western area of La Isleta, FICO Coworking is a recently established workspace tailored to the needs of digital nomads, freelancers, and creative professionals seeking an unconventional work environment. This coworking facility has garnered recognition for its cozy and artistic atmosphere, as well as its selection of specialty coffee options.

If you like good coffee, I really recommend Fico. It’s very good there.
Francesco | 14-06-2023

It’s worth noting that this article is based on the experiences and feedback from the community members who have visited FICO Coworking, as I haven’t yet personally visited the location.

For Coffee Lovers

Upon entering FICO Coworking, visitors have the opportunity to meet Rocco, the passionate founder, whose focus is on establishing a welcoming atmosphere. The aroma of freshly brewed specialty coffee fills the space, setting a pleasant tone for a productive workday. The coffee at FICO is distinct in that it’s thoughtfully prepared, with Rocco’s expertise ensuring a commitment to quality and attention to detail in every cup.

Rocco’s new place FICO Coworking is great! Slightly out of town but only a few minutes back to the beach. Also, the coffee is amazing!
Ed | 13-10-2023

Supporting Local Artists

FICO Coworking prioritizes aesthetics and contributes to the local arts scene by showcasing the work of local artists on its walls. This artistic involvement enhances the workspace’s atmosphere and provides an inspiring setting. Additionally, some of the displayed art pieces are available for purchase.

The workspace’s design places a strong focus on comfort and productivity, offering adaptable chairs and adjustable tables that can be easily converted into stand-up desks. This flexibility, in conjunction with a comfortable ambiance, creates an environment that is conducive to creativity and concentration.


In addition to its workspace amenities, FICO Coworking hosts various workshops and social events, such as coffee tastings and macramé sessions, which further enhance the sense of community and engagement.

I’m working in the FICO co-working and it’s very cool, good vibes. Very suggested if you have the chance to try.
Mattia | 13-10-2023

Furthermore, its convenient proximity to Las Canteras beach provides the opportunity for visitors to strike a balance between work and leisure. This strategic location is particularly appealing to digital nomads and remote workers who can seamlessly transition between focused work and relaxation.

In a competitive landscape of coworking options, FICO Coworking sets itself apart by emphasizing community, creativity, and comfort. It offers a comprehensive environment that supports productivity and connections. If you’re currently in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and seeking a workspace that offers a welcoming environment akin to a second home, FICO Coworking is a recommended option to consider.

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