Museo Canario in Las Palmas

“The museum’s archaeological collection mainly consists of prehistoric remains and historic artefacts originating from the early human populations on Gran Canaria, as well as artefacts originating from other islands in the Canarian Archipelago. Items on display include ceramic vessels, religious idols, pintaderas, tooled implements made of bone or wood, animal skins and other remains.

As the largest archaeological collection in the Canary Islands, El Museo Canario is an important resource in the study of prehispanic society in the archipelago. It has been described by El Mundo newspaper as “one of the best archaeological museums in Spain”.

The museum today is a popular tourist attraction in Las Palmas, and its displays include Canarian ceramics, mummies and a reproduction of the Painted Cave, Galdar.”

There’s an English audiotour available and it’s a great museum for anyone who is interested in archaeology and the indigenous population of Gran Canaria.

The entrance fee is €5 and the museum is open from Monday – Friday from 10AM – 8PM. In the weekend the museum is open from 10AM – 2PM. The museum is located in the old town of Las Palmas, Vegueta.

Source and more information on their website.

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