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  • What is the calima?

    What is the calima?

    You have probably heard of it and if you haven’t heard of it, you probably have seen it and wondered what it was: the calima. The Canary Islands are located next to the Saharan desert and when there’s a storm or change in weather in the Sahara, this can affect the Canary Islands. The calima […]

  • Restaurants with menu del día

    Restaurants with menu del día

    The menu del día is quite popular in Las Palmas. Many local restaurants offer set menus for around €10. This usually includes a starter or a dessert, an entree and a drink. Since prices can vary a bit I won’t mention the exact price per venue, but as I said, the price is usually around […]

  • How to pick the perfect banana

    How to pick the perfect banana

    The Canary Islands produce around 430.000 tonnes of platanos, bananas, a year. Most of these are exported to Spain and other European countries. But luckily they don’t export all bananas, so you can still try the locally grown bananas here in Gran Canaria. Bananas and tomatoes are the main export product from Canary Islands. You […]

  • Bodega Los Berrazales in Agaete (Finca La Laja)

    Bodega Los Berrazales in Agaete (Finca La Laja)

    Visit the only coffee plantation in Europe! The guided tour shows you not only their coffee plantation, but also winery and their tropical fruits. You’ll pay €8 for the guided tour, that includes a small wine tasting.  You can visit them from Monday – Friday between 10AM and 5PM and in the weekend between 10AM […]

  • Cueva Pintada Museum & Archaeological Site in Gáldar

    Cueva Pintada Museum & Archaeological Site in Gáldar

    If you want to learn about the history of Gran Canaria and its aboriginal inhabitants (the guanches), this is a must-see. The videos will show you a lot of information about the islands in pre-colonial times and the Castillian conquest. The caves are well preserved and show you what it was like to live here, hundreds […]

  • Tarta de queso, the most famous Canarian dessert

    Tarta de queso, the most famous Canarian dessert

    In any Canarian restaurant you will always find the most famous dessert of the island: Tarta de Queso. The dessert comes from Antica Grecia, around 4000 years ago, specifically mentioned in scripts from the Island of Samos in front of Turkey. Tarta de queso was considered to be very energizing and from 776 a.C it […]

  • Typical Canarian food

    Typical Canarian food

    When coming to the Canary Islands, people usually expect to find paella and patatas bravas at every restaurant. But these are typical Spanish dishes; the Canarian cuisine is a type of their own! Papas arrugadas con mojo Papas arrugadas means wrinkly potatoes and is a very traditional dish in the Canary Islands. The small potatoes […]

  • The Dunes Of Maspalomas

    The Dunes Of Maspalomas

    The dunes of Maspalomas are one of the hotspots you must visit when you are in Gran Canaria. The dunes are located on the southwest coast of the island and are a protected nature reserve since 1987. A lot of people think that the sand was imported from the Sahara but this is not the […]

  • Museo Canario in Las Palmas

    Museo Canario in Las Palmas

    “The museum’s archaeological collection mainly consists of prehistoric remains and historic artefacts originating from the early human populations on Gran Canaria, as well as artefacts originating from other islands in the Canarian Archipelago. Items on display include ceramic vessels, religious idols, pintaderas, tooled implements made of bone or wood, animal skins and other remains. As […]