18 November: La Feria Del Atún Y El Mar In Arguineguín

The Tuna and Sea Fair of Mogán is a gastronomic and cultural event held every year in the Pérez Galdós square of Arguineguín, a coastal town with a long fishing tradition. This year, the sixth edition will take place on November 18th, giving visitors the opportunity to taste different culinary creations based on tuna and other seafood, as well as to learn about the history, culture, and sustainability of the local fishing industry.

Cooking Demonstrations And Free Tasting

The fair will feature the participation of professional chefs who will conduct live cooking demonstrations, showcasing the best techniques for cutting, cooking, and presenting tuna. There will also be sales stalls where tapas, portions, and dishes made with tuna and other fresh fish and seafood can be purchased. Additionally, there will be a free tasting of grilled tuna for all attendees.

Awards Ceremony

The fair is not only a gastronomic celebration but also a way to recognize and pay tribute to the fishermen who are dedicated to the artisanal capture of tuna and other marine resources. Therefore, an awards ceremony will be held for four sailors who have dedicated more than 30 years of their lives to fishing in the ports of Arguineguín and Playa de Mogán. Videos with testimonials and memories of their experience at sea will also be screened.

Fishermen’s Guild of Arguineguín

The Tuna and Sea Fair of Mogán is an initiative promoted by the Municipality of Mogán, with the support of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and the Fishermen’s Guild of Arguineguín. Its objective is to highlight the fishing sector of the municipality, promote local seafood products, and encourage responsible and sustainable consumption of marine resources. The fair is also an opportunity to enjoy a festive day with family, featuring educational and recreational activities for the little ones, live music, and a welcoming maritime atmosphere.


The fun begins at noon with a special tribute to the four fishermen. Then, at 1 pm, things get lively with live music to kick off an enjoyable afternoon. Food takes the spotlight at 2 pm with a cooking show by Lolo Román, and the gastronomic excitement continues with more demos at 4 pm. As the evening rolls in, the celebration turns into a lively music experience, starting with live performances at 6:30 pm.

Find the full program below:

If you love tuna and want to learn more about the fishing culture of Mogán, don’t miss the Tuna and Sea Fair on November 18th in Arguineguín!

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