The Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnaval 2023: The Shows

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s Carnaval is an exciting and inclusive celebration that brings people together to enjoy music, dance, and costumes. This year, the carnaval will take place from February 10th to March 5th 2023. The festivities will feature a range of events that cater to different interests and tastes, making it a perfect event for everyone. In this article we listed all the shows. Check the other posts to learn more about the parades, children’s carnaval and the contests.

Opening Parade, Announcement and Concert

Friday February 10 – 8PM – Parque Santa Catalina – free entrance

This is the official start of the festivities and the stars of the show are the people in the audience. The event will be preceded by a parade featuring Batucada drum groups and Carnaval rhythms. The opening proclamation will include small delegations representing the Carnaval groups, and the night will close with a major concert.

The Grand Dame Gala

Sunday February 12 – 20:8PM – Santa Catalina Park Stage – Free entrance

The Grand Dame Gala will gather older female candidates on the stage. This contest is one of the most charming on the programme and brings together the best designers and female candidates.

Children’s Gala

SUNDAY February 19 – 6.30PM – Santa Catalina Park Stage – Free entrance

The Children’s Gala on Sunday is another highlight of the Carnaval. During this event, the boy or girl who will sit on the throne will be chosen. Top-level designers compete to create costumes for the contenders, and the event attracts a large audience, including young children.

Drag Queen Preselection

Monday February 20 – 9PM – Santa Catalina Park Stage – Tickets €10/€15

The Drag Queen Preselection will determine the finalists for the Drag Queen Gala. Over thirty candidates will participate in this event, and tickets sell out quickly. The preselection is not broadcast, but the Drag Queen Gala itself is followed by television cameras and broadcast later on YouTube.

Carnaval Queen Gala

Friday February 24 – 9.15PM – Santa Catalina Park Stage – Tickets €10

The Carnaval Queen Gala is one of the most popular events of the Carnaval. The Queen candidates will showcase their costumes, designed by creative artists and funded by various sponsors. The event is performed in front of over 4,000 people and is broadcast live on national and international television.

Chirimurgas Night

February 26 – 9PM – Santa Catalina Park – Free entrance

The Chirimurgas night is a new addition to the Carnaval program, since 2022. The Chirimurgas bring their ironic songs and Carnavalesque spirit to the general public.

The Social Integration Gala

Tuesday February 28 – 7PM – Santa Catalina Park Stage – Free entrance

The Social Integration Gala is another highlight of the Carnaval. This inclusive gala has been held since 2009 and showcases the diversity and inclusiveness of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnaval.

Ticket Sales Information

  • Drag Queen Preselection: Ticket sales start on February 15.
  • Carnaval Queen Gala: Ticket sales start on February 14.
  • All other events: Free entrance.

On the first day of ticket sales for each event, all channels will be active at 9AM. Ticket office: Santa Catalina Park. Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10AM – 1PM and 4PM – 8PM; Saturday & Sunday 10AM – 1PM. Online tickets at

Note: All events are held at the Santa Catalina Park Stage. The Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnaval events are broadcast live on both national and international television as well as on the official YouTube channel:

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