Fiestas del Pino 2023 in Teror

In the heart of Gran Canaria lies a quaint village called Teror, known for a miraculous event that unfolded in the late 15th century. The story tells of the sudden appearance of an image of the Virgin Mary in the town, perched atop a giant pine tree. This unexpected event transformed Teror into a place of enchantment and devotion, a legacy that continues to captivate the island’s inhabitants even after 500 years.

The Miraculous Appearance of the Virgin Mary

The story of the Virgin Mary’s appearance in Teror is a tale woven with threads of mystery and wonder. In the late 15th century, the village of Teror was nestled amidst the lush laurel forests of Gran Canaria, isolated from the bustling world. The air was filled with the songs of birds and the gentle rustling of leaves. It was in this serene setting that a remarkable event occurred, forever altering the destiny of the village and the hearts of its people.

In the year 1481, the tranquility of Teror was shattered by a celestial phenomenon that would etch itself into the annals of history. According to the chronicles, atop a towering pine tree that graced the village square, the image of the Virgin Mary appeared. It was a sight that transcended the ordinary, as the villagers gazed upon the figure of the Mother of God, adorned in heavenly radiance.

The Tree of Revelation

The giant pine tree, which had stood as a silent sentinel for years, suddenly became a conduit between the earthly realm and the divine. The image of the Virgin Mary, placed upon the tree by unknown hands, radiated an aura of profound sanctity. The news of this miraculous occurrence spread like wildfire, drawing people from far and wide to witness the sacred spectacle.

In the wake of this extraordinary event, the people of Gran Canaria were united by a shared sense of awe and reverence. The once-remote village of Teror transformed into a place of pilgrimage, where believers embarked on journeys to seek solace in the presence of the Virgin Mary. They arrived on foot, their hearts brimming with devotion, and their eyes alight with faith.

From Tree to Hermitage

Recognizing the divine nature of this phenomenon, the villagers constructed the Santa María de Teror hermitage to provide a permanent abode for the miraculous image. The tree itself, despite its natural grandeur, eventually succumbed to the ravages of time and weather. However, its memory endured as a symbol of the profound connection between the earthly and the divine.

The appearance of the Virgin Mary atop the pine tree left an indelible mark on the cultural and religious landscape of Gran Canaria. The Virgin of Teror, affectionately referred to as “La Morenita” due to her darker skin tone, became a beacon of hope, compassion, and spiritual solace. Her image became a source of inspiration for artists, poets, and musicians, who sought to capture the essence of her grace and benevolence.

Fiestas del Pino

Today, the legacy of the Virgin Mary’s appearance in Teror lives on through the annual Fiestas del Pino. The celebration serves not only as a commemoration of the miraculous event but also as a testament to the enduring faith of the people of Gran Canaria. As pilgrims and romeros gather beneath the shade of the pine trees, they are reminded of the profound connection between the earthly and the divine, a connection that was first revealed on that fateful day in the 15th century.

Dates Fiestas del Pino in Teror in 2023

The municipality of Teror returns this year to celebrate the traditional Fiestas del Pino in honor of the Virgen del Pino. Starting from August 26th, a variety of traditional activities such as concerts and folk dances will take place, with the highlight being the “Bajada de la Virgen del Pino” on September 5th. This event, which culminates in the pilgrimage of the Virgin of the Pine on September 7th, involves bringing down the image of the Virgin from her shrine to partake in the festivities.

The festive program runs from August 25th, with the opening speech by actress Lili Quintana, and concludes at the end of September with the ascent of the Virgin of the Pino to her shrine on September 24th, and the “Rallye” on September 30th. Artists like Marta Sánchez, Olga Cerpa and Mestisay, Víctor Manuel, Sofía Ellar, ‘Mau y Ricky,’ and DJ Ray Castellano will grace the Fiestas del Pino this year.

The Teror Town Hall and the Cabildo of Gran Canaria unveiled the extensive event program on July 27th, emphasizing the long-standing collaboration between the Cabildo and the Teror Town Hall in organizing events related to the Fiestas del Pino. The mayor of Teror, Sergio Nuez, anticipates a larger influx of pilgrims due to the festivities coinciding with an extended weekend, potentially attracting around 200,000 people to the Marian Village.

The Fiestas del Pino are considered essential for the island of Gran Canaria, and the Cabildo has aimed to maintain their spirit while introducing innovative elements in each edition. The festivities span from August 25th to September 30th, offering a rich array of cultural and entertainment activities for all to enjoy.

The Pilgrimage on September 7th and Detailed Schedule

The pilgrimage to honor the Virgen del Pino typically takes place during the Fiestas del Pino celebrations in Teror, Gran Canaria. The pilgrimage usually occurs on September 7th each year. This date holds special significance as it marks the day when the Virgin Mary’s image was found in the village of Teror. Pilgrims, known as “romeros,” embark on this journey to pay their respects and offer their devotion to the Virgen del Pino.

The detailed schedule for all the celebrations can be found on the website from Teror. Click on this link to see the full schedule (in Spanish).

The Fiestas del Pino in Teror, Gran Canaria, are a timeless celebration that marries tradition and devotion with a vibrant showcase of culture and festivity. Rooted in the mysterious appearance of the Virgin Mary’s image atop a pine tree, this event has captured the hearts of Canarians for centuries. From the “Bajada de la Virgen” to the lively Romería Ofrenda and the various artistic performances, the Fiestas del Pino continue to be a highlight of the Gran Canaria calendar, bringing together islanders and visitors in a joyous celebration that honors both faith and heritage.

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