Watching the original English movies (VOSE) in the cinema in Gran Canaria

The Spanish love to dub their movies, but most people just want to hear the original actors speak! Luckily you can watch the original English movies in cinema here, just not every day. In Yelmo Cines the Tuesday is reserved for VOSE (Version Original Subtilada en Español), meaning you’ll be able to watch the original movie with Spanish subtitles. If there’s a premiere of a very big movie, that one will usually also be shown as VOSE on the day of the premiere.

Cinemas showing original English movies (VOSE)

These days it’s not that easy to find a cinema that shows the original English movie with Spanish subtitles (VOSE). The cinemas below have movies available, but no guarantees that they will show that one particular movie you are looking for!

Yelmo Cines – CC Las Arenas (Las Palmas de GC)

Cine Yelmo (Las Arenas) in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is a highly-regarded movie theater with a lot to offer. It’s known for being well-maintained, and the staff is quick and friendly, so you won’t spend much time waiting in line.

On Tuesdays, they show movies with English subtitles, which is great for international audiences, while the rest of the week, the films are in Spanish. Just make sure to check their official website to identify these English-subtitled movies (VOSE). They’ve recently improved their picture quality, and they even offer three hours of free parking. The only downside some people mention is that the snacks and drinks can be a bit pricey. But overall, it’s a great place to catch a movie.

Yelmo Cines – CC Los Alisios (Las Palmas de GC)

Cines Yelmo (Los Alisios) at CC Los Alisios offers a unique movie-watching experience with comfortable seats that can be adjusted with buttons and rooms that aren’t too crowded, making it a pleasant place to enjoy a film. They show a variety of movies, some in English, marked as “VOSE” for international movie lovers. You can also bring your own snacks, which adds to the convenience. It’s a popular choice for a fun movie night in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria!

Yelmo Cines (Vecindario)

Yelmo Cines in Vecindario has faced criticism from customers for a few key reasons. Some find the staff unwelcoming and disagree with the policy of not allowing outside food. Many have complained about high snack prices. Some have suggested better organization for ticket and snack queues. Customers have also expressed dissatisfaction with outdated facilities, uncomfortable seating, high prices, subpar sound quality, and a sense of neglect in the venue. In summary, several factors have contributed to a less-than-ideal cinema experience, and customers have called for improvements.

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