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  • Deliveries in Canary Islands

    Deliveries in Canary Islands

    In general deliveries between the islands work very well with Correos, the national delivery service, which is very efficient and grants sending a package between 24 and 72 hours depending on the chosen service but if we speak about international deliveries it’s a whole different story. The main thing to know? You have to be […]

  • Canarian IGIC (VAT) explained

    Canarian IGIC (VAT) explained

    Canary Islands have a special treatment regarding VAT because they are seen as islands far from Europe, so it has been decided that in this region VAT will not be applied. Instead the local tax is called IGIC (Impuesto General Indirecto Canario) and deals with the following products: 0% on water, sanitary products, newspapers, some […]

  • English cinema in Las Palmas

    English cinema in Las Palmas

    The Spanish love to dub their movies, but most people just want to hear the original actors speak! Luckily you can watch the original English movies in cinema here, just not every day. In Yelmo Cines the Tuesday is reserved for VOSE (Version Original Subtilada en Español), meaning you’ll be able to watch the original […]

  • International bookstores in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

    International bookstores in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

    If you are looking to buy non-Spanish books in Las Palmas, you have several options: Libreria IDIOMàTIKA (Triana)This bookstore is specialized in international books! They are located close to Triana at Calle Senador Castillo Olivares 52. IDIOMàtika sell books in dozens of languages and have an online catalogue. Libreria IDIOMàTIKA (Las Canteras)A small bookstore at […]