Buying weed in Las Palmas

Same as in the Netherlands, weed is semi legal in Spain. To not make things too complicated, the main thing you need to know is that Spain has the Right to privacy-law. Which means that you can possess and smoke weed in the comfort of your own house, but when you’re out on the street, it’s not allowed to smoke weed in public and any weed you carry can get confiscated. So yes: in your own house you can have and smoke weed. The moment you go out in public, you’re committing a crime.

Another important thing to know is that it is not allowed to buy or sell weed. Sounds a bit weird, right? But here is where the social clubs found a solution. It is not allowed to exchange money for weed. But… You can sign up as a member of a social club for around €10 a year and then you can buy as much weed as you want (with a limit of around 3 grams a day). This money is seen as a donation to the club. That you get weed in exchange is a nice incentive, but it’s not seen as a sale for Spanish law.

But remember: when you leave the social club, police can still confiscate your weed and give you a €600 fine, since you’re out in public and it’s not allowed to have weed on you. If you’re lucky, they only take your weed.

While in the Netherlands you simply enter a coffeeshop, buy your weed and leave (which can take as little as 1 minute), the social clubs here usually make you wait for 10 minutes or so before you are allowed to exit. The entrance of social clubs can also be a bit hidden.

Prices depend on the strain you get, but are usually anywhere between €6 and €15 a gram.

Csc Oceano Las Canteras (close to Playa Chica) has been recommended by community members. They also make some good cookies. Just make sure you don’t have any plans for the next 12 hours… On request, they can also make weed birthday cakes.

You can find these social clubs on Google Maps: type in csc las palmas (or any other city) to find them. Officially, you can only sign up as a member if you are brought in/recommended by an existing member. Reach out in the (Slack) community if you are in need of a current member to refer you.

You can also buy weed from the CBD stores that are popping up all around town, but the real deal is only available at the social shops.

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