Ask LIU! Where can I buy weed in Gran Canaria?

Today in Ask LIU! we share the answers to the question; how and where can you buy weed in Gran Canaria? Also don’t forget to check this article that we shared before, about buying weed in Las Palmas! In Spain, the possession and consumption of cannabis is decriminalized, but it is not legal. However, there are private clubs that allow members to purchase and consume cannabis within their premises.

Please note that these are answers and recommendations from community members and their personal experiences. Answers can be slightly edited for clarity.

Where can I buy weed in Gran Canaria?

You can buy CBD weed from the CBD stores. The real deal you can get at associations where a membership is required. Membership is around €10 a year (depending on the shop) and you can buy as much weed as you want. The prices depend on the strains but are usually anywhere between €6 to €15 a gram. You can find the social clubs on Google by searching for weed club. The entrance is usually quite hidden.

Note that only smoking in the club or in your apartment is allowed. Carrying it on the street is illegal and could get you a €600 fine, which is why most clubs make you wait 10min before youre allowed to exit.
T | 05-10-2022

Any cannabis clubs in Maspalomas?

This is Willy Club: There is one in CC Cita and there is one in Calle Tauro (near Holiday World). And here is one near Lidl:
H | 22-11-2022

I heard there is one in Meloneras. Where Aqua Ocean Club and the clubMama Juana are. I am not sure about the name.
M | 21-22-2022

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  1. The fastest and easiest way to get into a cannabis club in Gran Canaria is with the community of these clubs accept tourists and really are the best in their areas. Simply choose a club, read the details and book yourself in… from booking to club in as little as 10 minutes… no searching and contacting and knocking doors like a treasure hunt, just choose a club, photos, all details are there. Highly recommmended.

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