The best apps to forecast/track the calima in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is a beautiful island located in the Canary Islands, known for its stunning beaches, breathtaking landscapes, and year-round sunshine. While the island’s climate is typically warm and pleasant, it is not uncommon for visitors to encounter the phenomenon known as calima.

Calima is a weather condition characterized by high temperatures, low humidity, and a fine layer of dust and sand particles in the air. This can sometimes lead to discomfort for those not accustomed to it. However, with the right weather apps, you can be prepared and stay ahead of the game. In this post, we will be discussing the weather apps our community members use to track and forecast calima in Gran Canaria.

If you want to read more about what calima is, check this article.

Please note that these are answers and recommendations from community members and their personal experiences. Answers can be slightly edited for clarity.


Windy is a weather application available on mobile devices and the web. It offers detailed weather information with a focus on visualizing data through interactive maps and animations. Key features include wind and wave information, air quality data, weather forecasting, satellite imagery, user-generated content, and customizable alerts. Windy is popular among outdoor enthusiasts, pilots, sailors, and meteorologists due to its comprehensive and visually appealing weather information.

Thomas | 13-02-2023

I check the app Windy and then check the layer for ‘dust mass’. If there’s a (big) calima coming, it’s usually also reported in the local news.
Nelleke | 19-04-2022


IQAir is an app that offers real-time and historical air quality information. It covers global locations and provides data on pollutants like PM2.5, PM10, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and ozone. Users can access air quality forecasts, receive personalized notifications, and find guidance on improving indoor air quality. The app also offers educational resources on air pollution. IQAir is a valuable tool for individuals interested in monitoring and taking actions to protect their health in relation to air quality.

I was using IQAir app. They also have a website.
Mircea | 02-10-2022

I recommend IQAir.
Frank | 02-02-2022


BreezoMeter is a mobile app that provides real-time and hyperlocal air quality information. It offers accurate data on pollutants, including pollen and allergens, along with personalized health recommendations. The app includes historical data, forecasts, and integrates with smart devices. BreezoMeter’s user-friendly interface and features enable individuals to monitor and make informed decisions about their exposure to air pollutants, promoting healthier living.

I’m using the BreezoMeter app to check for the live air quality report.
Jakub | 19-04-2022


AEMET, the State Meteorological Agency in Spain, is responsible for collecting, analyzing, and sharing weather and climate information. It offers weather forecasts, severe weather warnings, and climate monitoring. AEMET provides access to meteorological data and products, contributes to public education, and participates in international meteorological cooperation. Its main goals are to ensure public safety, support various sectors, and contribute to scientific research in Spain.

I use the Spanish gov’ts meteorological site, Aemet.
Eric | 19-04-2022

Check the daily dust forecast from Aemet from the Spanish government.
Eric | 02-02-2022


The World Air Quality Index (AQI) is a standardized system used to measure and compare air quality levels worldwide. It assigns numerical values and color-coded categories to different pollution levels, providing a clear understanding of air quality conditions. The index considers various pollutants and their health impacts. It allows for global comparisons, promotes awareness, and supports informed decision-making regarding air pollution. The World AQI is accessible through different platforms and relies on data from monitoring stations. It plays a crucial role in efforts to improve air quality globally.

This is the official website with Real-time Air Quality Index. Scroll down for 4 day prediction and to the bottom to see what the levels mean. 
Dina | 02-02-2022

I use the World Air Quality Index website. You need to check the PM2.5 for the calima.
Jonathan | 19-04-2022

El Tiempo

El Tiempo is a Spanish-language website that provides comprehensive weather information, forecasts, and climate data. Users can access accurate weather forecasts, interactive maps, and severe weather alerts. The website also offers climatology information, news articles, and a community platform for user-generated content. El Tiempo serves as a reliable resource for Spanish speakers to stay informed about weather conditions and climate-related topics.

Best weather site for forecast with the least error margin is El Tiempo.
Nader | 02-10-2022

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