10 Romantic Restaurants In Las Palmas De Gran Canaria For Your Next Date

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is a great place for a romantic getaway or to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This beautiful island city has many fantastic restaurants that are perfect for couples. In this post, I’ll share some of my favorite romantic restaurants in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria!

Nakar Restaurante

Nakar Restaurante is an excellent spot for a romantic evening. Situated near Playa de Las Canteras, its modern and simple décor, along with a laid-back vibe, sets the stage for delicious cuisine with influences from Basque-Navarra. The chef carefully picks local and mainland ingredients to create unique dishes that mix traditional and modern flavors, giving you a special food experience.

Restaurante Que Leche!

If you’re up for a great food experience, check out Que Leche! Restaurant. It’s a cozy and laid-back spot run by the delightful couple, Jennise and Mario. They’re all about fresh fusion dishes using top-notch local ingredients, with a twist inspired by places like Mexico, Asia, Japan, and more. A lot of their dishes are perfect for sharing, and they’re presented in a really nice way.

Croquettes at Restaurante Que Leche © 2023 Live it up, Las Palmas!. All Rights Reserved.

La Solana

If you’re into fusion cuisine, you’ve got to try La Solana, right by Playa Chica. They’ve got a lovely setup, a friendly and talented crew, and standout dishes like homemade meatballs, croquettes, and a special laing. Don’t miss out on their fantastic wine and delicious cheesecake with truffle. The chill vibe and impressive decor just add to the romantic feel of the place.

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El Churrasco

If you’re a meat enthusiast, El Churrasco is a real treat. Owned by the skilled Mario Gil, this restaurant, with its grill masters, has earned a reputation as one of the top steakhouses in the islands. They treat grilling like an art, using the finest cuts of Angus Aberdeen, Rubia Gallega, and Minhota. It’s the ideal spot for a top-notch and romantic dinner. They also have a location in Maspalomas (Meloneras), overlooking the ocean!

La Carlota

Restaurante La Carlota unfortunately closed permanently in 2023

Carla Suárez’s family restaurant, La Carlota, is this charming little place close to Plaza de España. With reasonable prices and a focus on attentive room service, along with a well-crafted wine list and cocktails, it’s a perfect choice for couples aiming for a romantic and peaceful evening out.

El Santo

In the delightful Triana district, El Santo provides a romantic setting for a cozy date night. Chef Alejandro Laureiro works his magic, whipping up Mediterranean and Spanish dishes with the finest local ingredients—think perfectly cooked salmon, beef cheeks, and cannelloni. They’ve got a wide selection of wines and mouthwatering desserts like gelato, parfait, and chocolate mousse for a sweet finish to your meal.

De Contrabando

For an exciting fusion food experience, De Contrabando brings something special to the table with bold dishes waiting to be savored. Mixing flavors from different parts of the globe, particularly South America and Southeast Asia, and using top-notch local products, this restaurant is just right for couples seeking a lively and distinct culinary journey.

El Bento Japones

El Bento Japonés Restaurant offers an intimate dining experience. The co-owners, Teresa Moon and Rohit Shrestha, created a small and modest restaurant with four tables and a bar to take care of their clients, making them feel as if they were in their house. The Japanese cuisine and welcoming atmosphere provide a perfect spot for couples looking for a romantic and relaxing evening out.


On a budget? Check out Pikza, a well-loved pizza joint in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, now conveniently located near Playa de Las Canteras. Their philosophy is simple: good products, good wine, and amazing cocktails, all in a modern and laid-back setting.


Bevir is a culinary treasure in the Canaries, using top-notch ingredients and careful presentation to bring out the flavors of the local soil and the Atlantic. Even though they’ve shifted away from serving meat, their Mediterranean and Spanish menu still leaves a lasting impression. The varied wine selection is impressive. Just a heads up, they’ve stopped serving meat since my last visit, so now you’ll only find products from the sea and the earth on their menu.

  • Restaurante Bevir - wagyu beef
  • Restaurante Bevir
  • Restaurante Bevir

In summary, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has lots of really good restaurants that are perfect for a romantic night out with fantastic food. Whether you want a mix of different cuisines, classic dishes, or a food adventure, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has got you covered. Pick one of these places for a great Valentine’s Day celebration.

Unfortunately restaurante La Carlota closed their doors and I haven’t found a worthy replacement for this list, making it a list of only 9 recommendations. Which restaurant do you recommend to complete the list?

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