Live it up, Las Palmas! partners with Toanjo Coworking

We are thrilled to announce our exciting partnership with Toanjo Coworking, located at Calle José Franchy Roca 5 in the heart of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. As Live it up, Las Palmas!, our mission has always been to provide our community with exceptional opportunities for growth, connection, and success. With Toanjo Coworking, we are delighted to extend even more benefits to our members.

Superior Work Environment

Toanjo Coworking offers a meticulously designed workspace that promotes focus, collaboration, and personal growth. Experience an atmosphere conducive to creativity and innovation, surrounded by like-minded professionals driven to succeed.

Cutting-Edge Connectivity

Say goodbye to slow internet speeds and hello to high-speed fiber! Toanjo Coworking ensures seamless and uninterrupted connectivity, enabling you to work efficiently and stay ahead of the game.

Flexible Schedules for Your Lifestyle

We understand that work should adapt to your lifestyle, not the other way around. Toanjo Coworking provides flexible schedules, empowering you to create a healthy work-life balance that suits your needs.

Monday – Friday: 9.00am – 8.00pm
Saturday: 9.00am – 03.00pm

Multicultural Community

Toanjo Coworking prides itself on fostering a multicultural environment where professionals from various backgrounds converge. This diverse community sparks creativity, encourages collaboration, and opens doors to exciting networking opportunities.

Comfortable and Well-Equipped Spaces

Toanjo Coworking goes above and beyond to ensure your comfort and convenience. With exterior rooms, air conditioning, and a dedicated coffee break area offering complimentary coffee and water, you can work in a pleasant environment that maximizes your productivity.

Unlock Cost Savings for Live it up, Las Palmas! Members

As a Live it up, Las Palmas! member, you have exclusive access to discounted prices at Toanjo Coworking. By joining their community through our partnership, you can enjoy savings of up to 22% on regular membership fees.

Desk in shared office space – per week€55€48
Desk in shared office space – per month€160€140
Private office – per hour€15€12
Private office – per week€90€70
Meeting room (max 8 people) – per person€15€12
Bono 22 hours (to be used within 90 days)€50€45

How to Get the Discount

Getting the exclusive discount as a Live it up, Las Palmas! member is simple. Just send an email to expressing your interest in signing up for Toanjo Coworking. We will guide you through the process and provide you with the necessary information to secure your discounted membership.

Embrace a New Era of Work-Life Balance and Success

Toanjo Coworking, in partnership with Live it up, Las Palmas!, invites you to experience a workspace where productivity meets comfort, collaboration sparks innovation, and connections transform your professional journey. Join us at Toanjo Coworking today and elevate your work experience in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria!

Are you a remote worker, local professional, immigrant, digital nomad or expat in Gran Canaria?

Or do you simply want to connect with an awesome international community? Join here! Besides a welcoming community, you’ll also get 10% discount on surf lessons, 10% discount on diving and access to more exclusive deals!

The Live it up, Las Palmas! community is using Slack as a communication tool. The Slack group is split up into different channels and is moderated actively, to keep communication simple and organized. It’s used to share events, find sports buddies, discover new restaurants, rent a car together, find exclusive community discounts and much more! Live it up, Las Palmas! is your starting point for an amazing time in Gran Canaria. See you there!

Join US Tuesday’S at Bar San Remo & Wednesday’S at Mazu (new location)

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