Buying PC components in Gran Canaria

There are many reasons why someone might choose to buy PC components. One of the main reasons is to build or upgrade a computer. When building a PC from scratch, choosing the right components is crucial in order to ensure that the finished product will be able to meet the user’s needs. For example, a gamer will want to choose a high-performance processor and a good quality graphics card, while someone using their PC for work might prioritize a large storage capacity and a fast processor.

Upgrading individual components can also be a good way to improve the performance of an existing PC. For example, adding more memory (RAM) can help a computer to run more smoothly and quickly, while upgrading the graphics card can improve the quality of games and other graphics-intensive tasks.

Another reason to buy PC components is to repair or replace faulty or outdated components. If a component is not working correctly, replacing it can often be a more cost-effective solution than buying a new PC.

Overall, buying PC components can be a good way to build, upgrade, or repair a computer in order to meet the user’s needs and improve its performance. It’s important to do some research and choose high quality components in order to ensure that the finished product will be reliable and efficient. But where in Gran Canaria can you buy PC components? Check our community members recommendations below!

Please note that these are answers and recommendations from community members and their personal experiences. Answers can be slightly edited for clarity.

Where can I buy PC components in Gran Canaria?

MediaMarkt for something good. A bazar/chino for anything cheap.
Pablo | 12-01-2023

Flavio | 12-01-2023

MediaMarkt / Worten / El Corte Inglés. Or Banana Computer when you need something for Apple products.
Jens | 12-01-2023

It might be the worst e-commerce I’ve seen but I used to buy components from I’ve also seen some App Informática stores in Las Palmas.
Manu | 28-10-2022

Lopacan Electronics or is great for components. Also Worten.
Eric | 28-10-2022

I’ve checked Amazon, and, but they have high prices and a lot of stuff is not shipped here. I also had a look at . They also have a physical store at the Las Arenas shopping mall, Última Informática. Their prices are the lowest I’ve seen till now.
Antonio | 27-10-2022

Viviane | 27-10-2022

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