Where to find cultural events in Las Palmas

Gran Canaria is quite popular for sports activities, but also has a lot of culture and (cultural) events to offer. It’s impossible for me to share a list here and keep it updated, especially since dates and venues tend to change a lot because of covid, so I will share the main sources here. Bookmark them so you’re sure to not miss out on, for example, Maspalomas Pride, Fiestas De San Lorenzo, the Three Kings and Carnaval.

La Brujula Cultura
La Brujula Cultura is the best website to keep up to date with concerts, exhibitions, events and other activities in Gran Canaria. You can also find their monthly magazine in bars and theaters. Don’t forget to read their article from last year about digital nomads and Live It Up, Las Palmas!.

LPA Cultura
On LPA Cultura you can also find a lot of events and concerts, plus, you can buy tickets on their website, for example for the yearly carnaval.

Auditorio Alfredo Kraus
As the name already suggests, this is the auditorio, where concerts and theater shows take place. Tickets are usually cheap and they often have buy 1 get 1 free offers. These offers only last for 24 hours and are shared on their Facebook page. Auditorio Alfredo Kraus is a great theater and definitely worth a visit.

If you have a Facebook account, it’s also worth checking for the Events in or near Las Palmas. Most events will be shared on Facebook by the organizers. If you are looking for e

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