Ask LIU! Swimming instructors/clubs and swimming pools in Gran Canaria

Swimming is a great form of exercise that offers a range of physical and mental health benefits. It is a low-impact activity that is easy on the joints and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities.

One of the main benefits of swimming is that it provides a full-body workout. Swimming uses all of the major muscle groups, including the arms, legs, shoulders, and core, and it can help to improve muscle strength and endurance. It is also an excellent cardiovascular exercise, as it can help to improve your cardiovascular fitness and endurance.

In addition to the physical benefits, swimming can also have a positive impact on your mental health. It can help to reduce stress and anxiety, and it has been shown to improve mood and overall well-being. Swimming can also be a great way to relax and unwind after a long day.

Overall, swimming is a valuable activity that can help to improve both your physical and mental health. If you’re looking for swimming lessons, a swimming coach or simply recommendations for swimming pools in Las Palmas, continue reading!

Please note that these are answers and recommendations from community members and their personal experiences. Answers can be slightly edited for clarity.

Is there any store with bikinis in town?

I am looking for something from a local designer or some seaside boutique style with high quality items. I would rather avoid fast fashion.

Agüita Swimwear (near La Cicer).
Paul | 11-12-2022

Is there a good area in the ocean to go swimming (sport swimming)?

Las Canteras is great depending on waves/tide. At low tide it’s lovely but sometimes there is a strong current near Playa Chica (it’s not a dangerous current that takes you out to sea, just makes it harder to swim towards La Puntilla)

Alcaravaneras is always calm but the water is usually murky so you can’t see anything cool – you just swim backwards and forwards. Swimming on Las Canteras you see tons of cool stuff.
Pete | 16-11-2022

+1 for low tide at Las Canteras inside of La Barra. Gorgeous spot to swim, basically a ~800 meter pool
Mila | 16-11-2022

A bit further away but Playa de la Laja had built-in swimming pools to the ocean, not that big ones, if I remember well, but still okay for training sessions.
Jeannine | 16-11-2022

Usually I go to Alcavaneras because there are no big waves, the port’s breakwater does it’s job well.
Andras | 14-11-2022

Any information about swimming lessons / swimming coach in Las Palmas?

You can swim at Club Natación Las Palmas until 4pm (50m open air). The price is €5,50 per time and you need a swimming cap. There are lockers, but you need to bring your own lock. Pay in cash only (no cards) or in advance via the website.
Tina | 04-08-2023

From my research (I haven’t tested it yet) there are triathlons and swimming divisions at GO Fit and there’s also this swimming pool that offers various types of classes.
Patryk | 16-03-2023

You can try Centro Insular de Deportes, but I’m not sure about the waiting list. Also in the sports center Beats (near Escaleritas) they have a pool, but I think it’s more expensive than GO Fit.
Carla | 16-03-2023

They offer swim classes at the local swimming pool in La Isleta, Piscina Municipal Leon y Castillo. You’ll need to understand Spanish, at least to register.
Katerina | 24-03-2023

You can go to the Piscinas Julio Navarro next to Parque Doramas they are public and great and they are 5€ a day.
Andrea | 06-01-2023

I go to Club Natación Las Palmas a few times a week, but I also enjoy swimming in the ocean (at Las Canteras).
Raymond | 14-11-2022

Metropole Swimming Club is a private club with pretty high joining fees. So it’s not worth it if you aren’t settling here. However they do offer a monthly ‘bono’ which will vary in price depending on the number of times a week you want to swim. The only thing is you have to commit to going the same time/day – and you can only change this once a month.  This may have changed – but that’s how it was when I first arrived here.

I’m not sure about Piscinas Julio Navarro. I’m not sure about training, but it’s a VERY active club. Also they did used to have a separate joining fee for non permanent residents which was much lower but things have changed since I joined. Best thing to do is swing by as I’m sure you’ll be able to have a couple of try out sessions.
Verity | 09-08-2022

Anyone know any good water jump spots?

Both small and big, I don’t mind – I just enjoy casual cliff diving days to cool off.

On the northwest coast of Gran Canaria, in the municipalities of Gáldar and Agaete, there are many very cool places to do this. But there is an impediment and that is that they are not usually in the tourist guides and you may need a local guide to find them.
Raul | 29-06-2022

There’s also another in Tauro, which is REALLY pretty/good/fun/popular. Check it on Google Maps Cueva Bufadero de Tauro.
Alfred | 29-06-2022

Looking for an (indoor) swimming pool with daypass.

GO fit. €10 for a daypass.
Elfie | 01-05-2022

Check Piscinas Julio Navarro. A daypass is €5.
Alberto | 08-02-2022

Check Piscina Municipal Leon y Castillo in La Isleta. It’s €5 for a daypass but €26 a month, so you might as well sign up if you plan to go at least once a week.
Nelleke | 19-01-2022

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