ASK LIU! Information about bouldering/indoor climbing in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

All sorts of questions are being asked every day in our community on Slack. On this website you can find the answers from community members to all sorts of questions. Today: everything you want to know about bouldering/indoor climbing in Las Palmas. Check out this article if you’re looking for outdoor climbing routs in Gran Canaria.

Please note that these are answers and recommendations from community members and their personal experiences. Answers can be slightly edited for clarity.

Can anyone recommend an indoor climbing in (Las Palmas de) Gran Canaria?

I like to do bouldering at Mandala Climb some time. Seems quite small, but the location is good for me.
Patrick | 22-02-2023

I’m climbing in Oceanus Climbing in Telde, worthy to go.
Ilona | 10-02-2023

I recommend Climbing World/Indoorwall Gran Canaria in La Isleta.
Paul | 24-09-2022

I checked out Sala Tagorock Climbing today (close to Las Arenas). Small garage, but cool boulders and if you are not a total beginner, it’s a good training place. I am definitely going again.
Eric | 07-09-2022

I was in Climbing World/Indoorwall Gran Canaria in La Isleta. It felt that the routes had, in comparison to my other experience, a high necessity of finger strength. But overall a nice climbing hall and nice people over there.
Thomas | 18-02-2022

 There are a few options. I usually go to Mandala Climb, and Climbing World/Indoorwall Gran Canaria. Mandala Climb is a climbing shop which also has a bouldering gym. It’s a nice gym, with routes updated often, and it has traversals also. In the morning you can just walk in for a session, but for the afternoons it used to be required to make a reservation prior. Not sure how it is now. Climbing World is a bigger gym, a bit further in La Isleta, and has a mix of bouldering and climbing walls. Also has 3 autobelays.
Mircea | 18-02-2022

Can I just turn up at a climbing wall as a beginner?

The climbing gym has 3 types of climbing:

1) bouldering – no ropes or harness, you just climb up 5 meters and jump down. Can do as a beginner.
2) autobelay – you wear a harness and attach yourself to a wire. Climb up without a partner and the machine catches you and lowers you to the ground when you fall or get to the top. Can do as a beginner.
3) lead climbing – need your own rope, climbing partner and some training on how to do it. 
Jim | 19-10-2022

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