Ask LIU! Tell me about scuba diving in Gran Canaria

All sorts of questions are being asked every day in our community on Slack. On this website you can find the answers from community members to all sorts of questions and a lot more. Today: where should I go scuba diving in Gran Canaria? There are lots of spots all around the island, so it’s great that we were able to collect some recommendations here for you. If this is going to be your first time scuba diving, you’re in luck! We also recommend some diving schools in this article.

Please note that these are personal recommendations from community members and their own experiences; I have no affiliation or personal experience with any of the scuba diving spots or schools mentioned in this article.

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What’s the best scuba diving centre on the island?

I’ve dived a lot with Mirafondos – awesome guys and very knowledgeable/professional.
Andrew | 26-01-2023

Playa del Cabrón is one of the best spots here. There are a few schools nearby, I tried one named Davy Jones Diving PADI 5 Star Dive Centre and the experience was great.
Noel | 24-11-2022

I am doing Open Water with Buceo – 7Mares Las Canteras diving centre, they are in Las Canteras but they organize daily dives around the island.
Claudia | 01-03-2022

Davy Jones Diving PADI 5 Star Dive Centre in Arinaga is a great diving center. Best diving at Playa del Cabrón.
Martin | 14-01-2022

I dive with Mirafondos center, they´re nice and good and not too expensive.
Hanaa | 21-11-2021

What are the best diving spots in Gran Canaria?

Caleta Baja on the north coast, boat dive leaving Taliarte and Cueva de los Chuchos y Baja de Gando for the boat dive. These diving sites are rare to diving because of the conditions.
Johnny | 26-05-2023

Playa del Cabrón is a great spot for diving. It’s a natural reservoir.
Noel | 04-03-2023

I did a baptism last year in Agaete and I really enjoyed it. Although I’ve been recommended to go to the East because it has better underwater landscapes. Playa del Cabrón (on the east coast) is one of the best spots for snorkeling and scuba diving in Gran Canaria.
Noel | 24-11-2022

Tufia, on the east coast, is a great place for scuba diving in Gran Canaria, you could see lots of life underwater. There are lots of scuba divers. It is a small fisherman village with almost always calm bay.
Alena | 16-11-2022

I used to dive here with some frequency. The spot called El Cabrón was decent for seeing aquatic life. If you can go deep, on the right day, with good visibility, “La Catedral” can be spectacular. My favorite dive was always the Arona wreck, which also requires you to be able to go deep. It’s a pretty big wreck, and well worth bringing a good flashlight.
Matt | 03-01-2022

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