Hiking routes using public transport

Gran Canaria is great for hiking and there are many routes for different levels of fitness. But digital nomads are usually living in the capital city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where you don’t have many options to hike. Since not everyone drives a car (and in high season it can be even very expensive or impossible to rent one), it’s good to know there are quite some areas that you can reach by bus. For most hikes the bus trip to get there will take around 1 – 1 ½ hours one way.

Weekly community hikes in Gran Canaria

One of our valued community members, David, has been organizing hikes on Saturdays and/or Sundays for quite some time now. All of these hikes are accesible by bus and he shares the hikes and routes on Meetup. He shares detailed information about the route, ascent/descent, the level, what to bring, bus schedule, weather forecast, duration of the hike and more.

If you want to join one of his hikes, you can sign up on Meetup. If you want to organize a hike yourself for the community, check the #hiking channel in Slack. The hiking channel is one of the most popular sub groups in the community.

Hiking routes accessible by bus from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

There are plenty! This is just a super nice one with easy access but still spectacular: a nice vulcano hike at Caldera de Bandama a short busride from Las Palmas with great views and great ancient caves! Google Maps link (opens in new window)
Erik | 02-02-2023

Another idea is visiting and walking around the archaeological site of Cuatro Puertas near Telde (Google Maps link) and combining that with Barranco de las Vacas (Google Maps link), which is like a stunning open cave. You could also swim at Playa de Aguadulce (Google Maps link) or Playa de Tufia afterwards.

Walking from the auditorium in Las Palmas, in the Carretera del Norte, you´ve got a path going up Barranco de Los Giles or Barranco de Tenoya with nice views to Las Palmas.
Victoria | 03-02-2023

I can confirm, Caldera de Bandama is a very nice place, I have just been there this morning. Take bus 311, it takes about 30 minutes from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
Kirill | 02-02-2023

With the risk of sharing broken links (please let me know if it happens!) here are some of the hikes David organized in the past.

A 5½ hike from San Mateo to Telde via Valle de San Roque and Montaña Las Palmas, a 16km hike from Santa Brígida to Las Palmas via Barranco de Guiniguada, a medium circular hike near Maspalomas and an easy hike from Teror to Tamaraceite.

He has done a lot more hikes, so make sure to check out his Meetup group!

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