Ask LIU! The best gym recommendations in Las Palmas

Working out is an important factor in staying healthy. But which gyms in Las Palmas are the best?

Please note that these are answers from community members and their experiences; I have no affiliation or personal experience with any of the gyms mentioned.

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Hey friends, any recommendation for a nice and clean gym in the Las Canteras area? Preferably with yoga and Pilates lessons. GoFit is out of the question since I’m not an EU citizen.

Try the CrossFit gym. It’s right on the paseo. My Israeli friend went there and liked it. She doesn’t have EU citizenship. (21-11-2022)

I am at Dreamfit. Very good Technogym equipment. (21-11-2022)

Could you please give me a recommendation for a good gym/fitness near La Isleta?

I think Dreamfit is your best option. (07-11-2022)

I belonged to Dreamfit for many months – it’s got more equipment than I’ve seen in any other gym. I only stopped going there as I just didn’t use it enough to warrant paying the membership. My only complaint about Dreamfit would be the noise. Lots of different very loud music playing at the same time. (08-11-2022)

I’m looking for a recommendation for a good boxing gym here in Las Palmas. So far I have tried Club Deportivo Franco and Gym Puerto, but I was wandering if someone knew something else.

You can try Del Toro (18-10-2022)

Box Gym Puerto is the best boxing place! (21-10-2022)

Del Toro is kickboxing and Gym Puerto has too many people I think. Gym Puerto could be nice in the morning as Carlos Fermento gives classes. (21-10-2022)

Can anyone recommend any gyms around the las canteras area? I’m hoping for one with at least a decent sized free weights section, machines and also does classes like spinning.

GO Fit (11-10-2022)

I just signed up to Dreamfit and think it’s quite nice! Also offers 1 month memberships without contract etc. if you don’t stay longterm. (11-10-2022)

Dreamfit (11-10-2022)

Is there anything like urban sports club on the island? I’m looking for a place to do different types of sports (e.g, yoga, pilates, etc)

I think courses are included in gyms like Dreamfit and GO Fit but not sure – never used them. (18-10-2022)

Anyone has a gym to recommend near (north) Canteras?

Dreamfit (01-09-2022)

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