Ask LIU! Is there a Buddhist school in Las Palmas de GC?

There are many different schools of Buddhism, each with its own unique teachings, practices, and interpretations of the Buddha’s teachings. Some of the major schools of Buddhism include Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana. In Gran Canaria you won’t find many Buddhist schools, though. It may not be easy to find your preferred Buddhist school in Las Palmas.

Theravada Buddhism, also known as “The School of the Elders,” is the oldest surviving Buddhist school and is dominant in Southeast Asia. Theravada Buddhism emphasizes the study and practice of the Pali Canon, a collection of scriptures that are considered to be the oldest and most authentic record of the Buddha’s teachings. Followers of Theravada Buddhism seek to attain enlightenment and become an arhat, a fully enlightened being who has attained nirvana.

Mahayana Buddhism, also known as “The Great Vehicle,” is the dominant form of Buddhism in East Asia and emphasizes the concept of the bodhisattva, or enlightened being who is dedicated to helping others achieve enlightenment. Mahayana Buddhists believe in the possibility of achieving Buddhahood in a single lifetime and place a strong emphasis on the role of compassion in spiritual practice.

Vajrayana Buddhism, also known as “The Diamond Vehicle,” is a form of Buddhism that originated in India and is practiced primarily in Tibet, Nepal, and parts of China and Japan. Vajrayana Buddhism incorporates advanced tantric practices and rituals, and emphasizes the importance of the guru-student relationship in the spiritual path.

In addition to these major schools, there are many other schools and traditions within Buddhism that have developed over the centuries. Some people may choose to study and practice within a specific school or tradition of Buddhism, while others may prefer to draw from a variety of schools and traditions in their practice. It is important to keep in mind that all schools of Buddhism ultimately seek to understand and realize the same fundamental principles and truths as outlined in the Buddha’s teachings.

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Recommend me a Buddhist school in Las Palmas, please.

There is one here: Centro Budista Kagyu Shedrub Chöling. I think that there are more but I’m not sure.
Patricia | 07-10-2022

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