English speaking hairdressers in Las Palmas de GC

Getting a haircut can be a nerve wrecking experience, let alone if you do it in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language! So it’s good to know there are hairdressers in Las Palmas de Gan Canaria who speak English.

Please note that these are answers and recommendations from community members and their personal experiences. Answers can be slightly edited for clarity.


KMStudioSalon in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, led by the talented Katie, is a haven of artistic hair transformations. Alongside Maria, Katie creates an atmosphere of creativity and warmth. The fair pricing reflects their expert service and results. Clients express their satisfaction in finding their true selves through Katie’s expertise. Hair health is a priority, showcasing Katie’s dedication. Her extensive experience, caring nature, and imparted knowledge make her a sought-after stylist, especially for travelers, since Katie is a native English speaker.

Kate from KMStudioSalon is an amazing hairdresser! She really takes her time, she makes everyone feel very relaxed.
Nicole | 15-03-2023

If anyone is looking for a great hairdresser: Go to KMStudioSalon. Kate is amazing. Super professional, gives a lot of advice and is a cool person in general! I paid €40 for cut, styling, and haircare tips.
Anastasiya | 25-02-2023

KMStudioSalon, you won’t regret it. Kate is the best. My girlfriend and I were looking for a really nice hairdresser for a while. KMStudioSalon was the one that kept popping in the community, so we went and she did not disappoint. Best experience we’ve ever had at a hairdresser. She knows her stuff and loves what she’s doing. Her English is perfect (she’s Canadian) and she’s incredibly nice. I highly recommend her!
David | 15-04-2022

Tracy Las Palmas HAIRSTYLIST

Tracy Las Palmas HAIRSTYLIST is a visionary artist in the realm of hairstyling. With over 15 years of global experience, Tracy brings her expertise in color, cuts, and styling to the vibrant city of Las Palmas. She’s not only a proficient professional but also an advisor and listener, tailoring her services to clients’ needs. Tracy’s work is backed by client testimonials, showcasing her ability to create remarkable transformations. Her versatility spans from freehand techniques to event hair, and her commitment to proper hair care sets her apart. Tracy’s artistic touch can be witnessed on her Instagram portfolio, making her a sought-after hairstylist with an international touch.

Tracy works mobile, so she can work from anywhere. You can sometimes find her working from the salon Stephanie Cabrera Estilista (scroll down for more info abot this salon).

I highly recommend Tracy!
Irina | 13-06-2023

Tracy’s work is remarkable, I vouch for it as well. She’s a great professional! Instagram here (opens in new window)
Giovana | 24-05-2023

Maurizio Celletti Peluqueria y Estetica

Maurizio Celletti Peluqueria y Estetica in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is a haven of transformative hairstyling led by Verónica and Maurizio. Their expertise, especially in colors and highlights, sets them apart as exceptional artists. The salon offers personalized, trendy haircuts that keep clients excited and satisfied. The professionalism and warmth of the staff contribute to an enjoyable experience. Maurizio Celletti Peluqueria y Estetica stands as a masterpiece of talent and dedication, redefining hairstyling as a form of artistry and self-expression.

Maurizio Celletti Peluqueria y Estetica (near Santa Catalina Park) is good and speaks English.
Philip | 22-03-2023

For the hairdresser I recommend you Maurizio Celletti Peluqueria y Estetica, went a couple of times for haircut and dying and was very happy with that.
Angelica | 25-01-2023

I like Maurizio Celletti Peluqueria y Estetica (behind Santa Catalina).
Tina | 18-01-2022

Stephanie Cabrera Estilista

Stephanie Cabrera Estilista is a celebrated hairstylist known for her impeccable expertise and personal care. Her salon offers not just exceptional results but also a warm and inviting atmosphere. Stephanie’s artistry shines as she seamlessly blends the latest trends with individual preferences, fearlessly taking on challenges to deliver remarkable outcomes. Clients praise her genuine care and premium products, leaving her salon not only with transformed looks but also renewed confidence. Universally acknowledged for her professionalism, Stephanie’s dedication to hair health and lasting connections cements her status as a trusted and cherished hairstylist in the industry.

Great service, understand exactly what I want and speaks English!
Elise | 16-04-2023

Stephanie Cabrera Estilista is fabulous (on Calle Hierro), not far from Playa de Las Canteras. She speaks English and does amazing cuts, colours, and styles.
Lara | 08-01-2023

Peluquería Orgánica Las Canas de Frida

Peluquería Orgánica Las Canas de Frida, led by the talented Alberto, transcends hairstyling by becoming a sanctuary where hair aspirations flourish. Clients from near and far sing praises of Alberto’s expertise, warmth, and ability to transform hair challenges into triumphs. Alberto’s proficiency in both Spanish and English garners international acclaim, and his dedication to hair health shines through personalized recommendations. Beyond stylish outcomes, clients leave with newfound confidence, making Peluquería Orgánica Las Canas de Frida a haven where hair dreams are not only realized but cherished.

Alberto from Las Canas de Frida is an amazing hairdresser!
Rita | 25-01-2023

The best hairdresser is Peluquería Orgánica Las Canas de Frida in La Isleta.
Simone | 17-01-2022

I went to Las Canas de Frida and can highly recommend it! Alberto (the owner) is super friendly & professional.
Gina | 10-10-2021

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