Ask LIU! The best barber in Las Palmas?

Today in Ask LIU! we share the answers to a very popular question; what is the best barber shop in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria?

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Please note that these are all personal recommendations from our community members and their own experiences. I have no affiliation or personal experience with any of the barber shops mentioned in this article. Quotes may have been edited to fix spelling mistakes or to clearify/correct the exact location/name of the barbershop.

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Who can recommend me a good barber shop in Las Palmas?

I can personally recommend Tacoma Barber Shop in Guanarteme.
Piotr | 08-11-2022

Pantera Barbería! It’s close to Avenida José Mesa y López.
Davide | 08-11-2022

I recommend Pantera Barbería. Great concept and a very good experience all around. Closest place to a big western city barber shop vibe.
Dragos | 24-10-2022

I recommend Delclaux Concept
Tom | 04-10-2022

Peluquería Marcus Barber
Rafael | 08-05-2022

Peluquería Masculina Paco Cabrera near Avenida José Mesa y López.
Alejandro | 05-05-2022

Barber Shop Armiche y Daniele is very good, price is €10.
José | 12-04-2022

I went to a good barber in Las Palmas near Plaza de España, it’s called Peluqueria Barberia Samuel and it’s for men only. Both workers were very precise and the cut price is €10. Highly suggested and if you speak Italian you can ask for Luciano from Tuesday to Friday.
Flavio | 15-03-2022

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