Ask LIU! The best barber in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria?

Today in Ask LIU! we share the answers to a very popular question; what is the best barber shop in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria?

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Who can recommend me a good barber shop in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria?

Katie at KM Studio is excellent, she’s Canadian.
Jacob | 26-06-2023
There’s a barber shop in Calle Honduras, close to GoFit, Esaúl Peluqueros Barbería. One of the barbers, a very tall guy, speaks good English.
Google Maps (link opens in new window)
Pasquale | 26-06-2023

I landed in YEZZY nearby, and it was the best barber experience I’ve ever had. Guys spoke only little English, but they really gave a lot of effort into making sure, that we’re aligned about expected results. And the cut was the best I’ve had so far in Canarias. Can only recommend.
Google Maps (link opens in new window)
Marek | 23-01-2023

Tacoma Barber Shop in Guanarteme speaks some English. I know from my personal experience.
Piotr | 23-01-2023

Pantera Barbería! It’s close to Avenida José Mesa y López.
Davide | 08-11-2022

I recommend Pantera Barbería. Great concept and a very good experience all around. Closest place to a big western city barber shop vibe.
Dragos | 24-10-2022

I recommend Delclaux Concept
Tom | 04-10-2022

Peluquería Marcus Barber
Rafael | 08-05-2022

Peluquería Masculina Paco Cabrera near Avenida José Mesa y López.
Alejandro | 05-05-2022

Barber Shop Armiche y Daniele is very good, price is €10.
José | 12-04-2022

I went to a good barber in Las Palmas near Plaza de España, it’s called Peluqueria Barberia Samuel and it’s for men only. Both workers were very precise and the cut price is €10. Highly suggested and if you speak Italian you can ask for Luciano from Tuesday to Friday.
Flavio | 15-03-2022

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