How to get from Gran Canaria airport to Las Palmas?

Gran Canaria is a small island and public transport is working very well. The guaguas, as they are called here, are fast and cheap and the bus is the recommended transport to go between Las Palmas and the airport. Outside of the operating hours of the buses and for extra convenience you can take a taxi.

The cheap option: by bus

When you arrive at the airport, follow the signs for the Guaguas Global. You’ll find the buses close to the Departues. No worries, it’s a small airport so you don’t have to walk far!

You can take two different buses: 91 and 60. Make sure you take the bus that goes in the direction of Las Palmas, since the same bus numbers go to the south. You can ask the bus driver by asking if the bus goes to Santa Catalina or San Telmo, the two main bus stations in Las Palmas.

Download the bus schedule for bus 60 here.

Download the bus schedule for bus 91 here.

The price of the bus from the airport to Las Palmas – San Telmo is €2,30 and takes about 20 minutes. The price of the bus from Gran Canaria airport to Las Palmas – Santa Catalina is €2,95 and takes about 30 minutes. Bus station San Telmo is the first underground bus station you will reach and about 10 minutes later you arrive at Santa Catalina. This is the bus station you will need if you stay in Las Canteras area.

Both buses go twice an hour and run between 6.15 in the morning and 23.15.

You can pay the busdriver with credit card, debit card or in cash. If you pay in cash, make sure you bring coins or small notes, since they usually don’t have a lot of change.

Most buses have AC and USB-chargers these days. You can safely put your luggage in the big luggage compartment of the bus.

The comfortable option: by taxi

While the bus is cheap and fast, the taxi is also a good option, especially if you arrive late, have an early flight to catch or have a lot of luggage to carry.

There’s no such thing as Uber on the Canary Islands, so you will take a regular taxi. A taxi from Gran Canaria Airport to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria will cost you around €35. It’s not a fixed price, the price will be calculated by their taxi meter.

Between 6AM and 10PM the fee is: €2,40 + €0,70 per kilometer.

Between 10PM and 6AM the fee is: €3,00 + €0,75 per kilometer.

During public holidays the fee is: €3,00 + €0,75 per kilometer.

You can pay the taxi driver in cash or with a credit card or debit card. It’s recommended to tell the taxi driver during the ride if you want to pay with card; some drivers don’t have their machine on and it takes some time for them to connect it. They can get pissed off if you tell them on arrival that you want to pay with card. They can not refuse your card payment, they are legally obliged to accept card payments.

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