The Easy Way To Find Cleaners And Domestic Services In Gran Canaria

If you’re looking for someone to assist you with chores or take care of your loved ones, Doméstico24 is a handy way to find the help you need. Let’s find out how Doméstico24 simplifies the process of finding domestic help on this lovely island!

What Is Doméstico24?

Doméstico24 is like an online store for domestic services. It helps people in Gran Canaria find local professionals who can help with things like cleaning, taking care of kids, pets, gardens, and even elderly family members.

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What Services Can You Find?

You can find all sorts of services on Doméstico24. Maybe you need someone to clean your home, watch your kids while you go out, or look after your garden. If you have an elderly family member who needs care, they can help with that too.

Local Experts You Can Trust

The best part is that Doméstico24 connects you with local professionals who know Gran Canaria well. They understand the needs of people who live here and can provide a more personalized service.

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Safety and Trust

When you hire someone to help at your home, you want to be sure they’re trustworthy. Doméstico24 tries to make sure of this by checking the background and identity of the people offering their services. You can also read reviews from others who’ve hired them, which can help you decide if they’re a good fit for your needs.

We have been hiring cleaners from There are a lot of offers there, so if you post an ad, there will be a bunch of applicants in hours. Usually we were satisfied with the quality of their work, but if you are not, you can easily hire someone else on the platform.
Andras | 05-10-2023

Easy Payments

Paying for services is made easy through Doméstico24. You can negotiate the fees and terms directly with the service provider, so it’s simple and convenient.

Language Options

Doméstico24 knows that people in Gran Canaria come from different places. That’s why you can pick your language when you search for services, so it’s easy for everyone! Plus, you’ll find lots of offers from people who can speak more than one language, including English, French and Portuguese.

We hired from Domestico24, and by my experience they do good work. But if not, it’s pretty easy to hire someone else because the offer there is really high
Andras | 28-08-2023

In a nutshell, Doméstico24 makes life more convenient in Gran Canaria by connecting you with local professionals who can help with various tasks. Whether it’s household chores, taking care of family members, or other services, this platform makes it simple. Experience the ease of Doméstico24 for your domestic service needs in Gran Canaria.


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