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Ask LIU! What souvenirs to buy in Gran Canaria?

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As you explore the beautiful island, you may be looking for unique souvenirs to bring back home and share with your friends and family. Gran Canaria is known for its rich culture and history, and there are many wonderful local products and crafts that make excellent souvenirs. From traditional ceramics and textiles to locally made food and drink, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something to remind you of your vacation or a special gift for someone else, you’re sure to find something special in Gran Canaria. Read the personal recommendations from our community members, to get some ideas for souvenirs to buy in Gran Canaria

Please note that these are answers and recommendations from community members and their personal experiences. Answers can be slightly edited for clarity.

Gift recommendations to bring home from Gran Canaria? 

Goat cheese!
Kirill | 20-12-2021

If you live near Las Canteras you can go to La Molina Shop, a shop in CC El Muelle that has lots of nice and curious things from the Canary Islands.
Carla | 20-12-2021

Maybe some aloe vera cosmetics or volcanic jewerly/from banana trees? And for food & drinks: bienmesabe, almogrote, palm honey, banana or tuno indio wine, maybe some goat cheese or mojo sauces.
Natalia | 20-12-2021

Ron miel (honey rum) from the rum factory in Arucas and mojo.
Nelleke | 19-12-2021

Any small shops with handmade stuff like jewelry, clothes, design & art?

The Market Pop Up Store in Triana is featuring different & changing small jewlery, clothes labels of the Islands. Also in the rest of the street, Calle Viera y Clavijo, you’ll find more small shops that sell extraordinary things.

There’s also Buena Cosecha in Calle Luis Morote and another location on Paseo de Las Canteras 8.
Viviane | 19-10-2021

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