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We’re excited to share our awesome partners with you! At Live it up, Las Palmas!, we believe in supporting and collaborating with local businesses in our community. We’re proud to have built strong relationships with a variety of businesses.

Our partnerships are built on a foundation of mutual value and respect. We believe that by working together, we can create something truly special and beneficial for both our community members and our partners. That’s why we’re always open to new collaborations and partnerships.

Our current partners have been a huge asset to our community, providing valuable services and experiences to our members. We’re grateful for their support and are always looking for ways to give back.

If you’re a local business interested in partnering with us, we’d love to hear from you. Simply reach out via the contact form and let’s explore how we can work together. By partnering with Live it up, Las Palmas!, you’ll gain access to our community of remote workers, expats, and digital nomads, who are always looking for new experiences and opportunities to support local businesses.

Let’s create something amazing together!

If you’re looking to learn Spanish, you can’t go wrong with ZunSún Academy! Judit and Daniela are top-notch, and they’ve got a killer curriculum that’ll have you speaking like a native in no time.

Special deal: exclusive and free access to ZunSún Academy’s entire virtual campus, which is valued at €450!

At Bar San Remo we host a weekly get-together for the community, where digital nomads, remote workers, expats, and local entrepreneurs come together every Tuesday to socialize over drinks and conversations.

Special deal: jarra €2,50 every Tuesday at our community meetup at 8PM

Mojo Surf School is our top choice for surf lessons! They offer inclusive packages that come with surfboards and wetsuits, in addition to providing expert instructors and prioritizing safety. Contact via WhatsApp.

Special deal: 10% discount on surf lessons
Special deal: 10% discount on SUP course

If you’re looking for some seriously delicious tacos and awesome custom cocktails, look no further than Mazu Street! We get together every Wednesday for some killer food, sweet tunes, and drinks that’ll blow your mind!

Special deal: Wednesday’s at 7PM Funky Tacos night

Find ideal remote working spots, and live your RemoteDream! Unique locations in Gran Canaria coming soon.

Do you want to collaborate with Live it up, Las Palmas? Reach out via the contact form and let’s see what we can do together!

Are you a remote worker in Las Palmas?

Are you, or are you planning to be a digital nomad in Gran Canaria and you’re not a member yet of our community for remote workers? Join here! besides digital nomads and remote workers, we are also welcoming expats, local entrepreneurs and other individuals who are looking to connect with an international community of professionals.

The Live it up, Las Palmas! community is using Slack as a communication tool. The Slack group is split up into different channels and is moderated actively, to keep communication simple and organized. It’s used to share events, find sports buddies, discover new restaurants, rent a car together, find exclusive community discounts and much more! Live it up, Las Palmas! is your starting point for an amazing time in Gran Canaria. See you there!

Join US Tuesday’S at Bar San Remo & Wednesday’S at Mazu Street

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