Ask LIU! Private daycare in Las Palmas

Looking for top-notch child care while you soak up the sun in the beautiful Canary Islands? Look no further than a private daycare! These facilities, which are privately owned and operated rather than being run by the government or a non-profit organization, offer a wide range of services to families in need of care for their little ones during the day. Located in cozy homes or small buildings, private daycares in Gran Canaria offer a home away from home for children, with a focus on play-based learning and plenty of outdoor time to take advantage of the year-round sunshine. With highly trained and experienced staff, you can trust that your child will be in good hands while you enjoy all that the Canary Islands have to offer. So why wait? Start your search for the perfect private daycare in the Canary Islands today, with the recommendations from our comunity members.

Please note that these are answers and recommendations from community members and their personal experiences. Answers can be slightly edited for clarity.

Can someone recommend a nice private daycare in the area Las Canteras?

If you live in the La Isleta-Puerto-Canteras area and you are looking for daycare or school: there’s a small, semi private school (Infantil-primaria, 3-12 yo) which accepts new students all year round. And for the babies and toddlers there’s a small daycare (3-5 hours of care/day) which also accept new children. The two are 100 meters away from each other so it’s also ideal if you have more children of different ages.
Nari | 05-01-2023

Note from LIU: I believe Nari is referring to her previous recommendation from 02-01-2023, Guajitos. This is not confirmed though, so best ask in the #kids-families channel in Slack!

As far as i know all good private schools/daycares are in the area of Ciudad Jardín. I am not saying that there are none in the Las Canteras area, just that the ones people most often mentioned are in Ciudad Jardín.
Andrey | 02-01-2023

If the child is less than 3 years old, you can search in Google for a guardería. If they are older they go to school. Our kids go to local daycare and school in La Isleta, Guajitos on Calle Anzofe 11 (not listed on Google Maps, find them on Instagram and Facebook). We’re very happy with them andit also cost a lot less than the international schools.
Nari | 02-01-2023

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