Language Learning At Escuela Oficial De Idiomas

Learning a new language can be exciting, and in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the Escuela de Idiomas is a place where you can do just that. This language school has different language courses to offer, and it’s a good place to start if you’re interested in learning a new language or improving the one you already know.

If you’re interested in private lessons, contact ZunSún Academy. This is the community’s official language partner. More information about ZunSún Academy (opens in new window).

A Range of Language Classes

The Escuela de Idiomas offers different types of language classes. You can choose to have intensive lessons, which means you’ll have four lessons every week, each lasting two hours. Or, you can go for the less intensive option, with two lessons per week, but each of these lessons lasts a bit longer, for four hours.

One of the great things about this school is that it’s very affordable. At the time of this information, a semester of classes costs about €80/€90. This makes it a good choice if you’re on a budget.

The school is also open to beginners, starting at level A2. So, even if you’re just beginning your language learning journey, you can join in.

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Signing Up for Classes

To sign up for classes, you’ll need to visit the school in person. However, this might be a bit tricky for some people. You have to make sure to go before 1PM to secure your spot. It’s also important to note that most of the (administration) staff does not speak English, which is a bit surprising for a language school, right?

I have attended the C1 course and it is quite okay for the €80 you pay for nearly one year. The quality of the lessons depends much on which teacher you will get. Some teachers are super motivated, others not so much. The most difficult part is the enrollment, because they only speak Spanish. The only way to register is to go personally there, speaking in Spanish. You don’t need a NIE to sign up.
Steffy | 02-09-2023

For those aiming for higher-level classes, you’ll have to take a test, usually in September. It costs around €18. This test is important to figure out your language level and place you in the right class.

Teaching Style

The way they teach at Escuela de Idiomas can vary. Some students have found it to be a bit old-fashioned, with a focus on books and grammar. This might not be ideal if you prefer interactive and student-centered lessons.

The quality of teaching can also depend on the teacher you get. Some teachers might follow the traditional style, while others could make the lessons more engaging and interactive.

An Affordable Option

What sets Escuela de Idiomas apart is its affordability. While teaching styles may not suit everyone, the price is hard to beat. At just €90 for a whole semester, it’s a budget-friendly way to learn a language. If you’re determined to learn and don’t mind putting in some extra effort, this school provides a cost-effective way to pick up a new language or improve your existing skills.

It’s incredible value for money, yet also often incredibly boring. It’s mainly books, grammar work. They offer an old fashioned style of teaching, which isn’t student centered. But if you’re motivated to study, you won’t find anything that beats that price.
Jordan | 02-09-2023

In short, Escuela de Idiomas in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria offers an inexpensive way to learn or improve a language. The registration process may be a little challenging, and the teaching methods might not suit everyone, but the low cost makes it a valuable choice for those ready to put in the work.

Escuela de Idiomas – Calle Fernando Guanarteme 51 – 35007 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

How can I pay my €75.80 tuition fee for Spanish classes when the bank’s ATM only accepts multiples of €10, and the provided payment instructions mention a Caixa bank ATM?

You can use a Cajamar cash machine to pay the fee with your card, even though it’s not explicitly mentioned in the paperwork they provide.

However, note that the machine may indicate the need for a Cajamar account, but it will most likely still accept your foreign card. The Cajamar near the school accepts this type of payments correctly. Please keep in mind that not all Cajamar branches may accept this payment method.

Additionally, even as a non-client, you can pay in cash at specified times at any BBVA branch at the cash desk.

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