Drinking (filtered) tap water in Gran Canaria

Tap water in Gran Canaria is considered safe to drink and is regulated by government agencies to ensure that it meets certain standards for quality and safety. The flavour of the water that comes straight from the tap though is not great, so many people choose to get their drinking water delivered.

In this article we discuss how community members deal with drinking and cooking with tap water and how using a water filter can improve the taste of the tap water.

Please note that these are answers and recommendations from community members and their personal experiences. Answers can be slightly edited for clarity.

Opinons about drinking tap water in Las Palmas?

I’ve been drinking tap water here for five years, no problems. I recently started using Brita filter and it does improve the taste a lot.
Pete | 22-04-2022
I’ve been drinkng tap water without a Brita filter for two months and no issues so far. Yes, it tastes crap but I drink it ICE cold, then it has little taste.
Charlie | 08-04-2022
It’s a common misconception that the water isn’t safe to drink here. It is indeed perfectly safe but just tastes like crap because of whatever treatment they do to make it drinkable, but the Brita filter really does help with the taste.
Jessica | 07-04-2022

Do you have any experience which water filter is the best?

I’m very happy with my Brita filter, you can buy it in several stores. I bought mine at El Corte Inglés.
Nelleke | 09-10-2022
To drink tap water – filter it with a Ddafi filter and then leave it overnight to improve the taste.
Bogna | 09-10-2022
I bought this equipment at Bricomart, Osmosis AguaPlus RO, and I’m very happy
Dimitri | 09-10-2022

Is it safe to use tap water for cooking?

Doing it occasionally should be fine. As is occasionally drinking the tap water. The water is not poisonous or dirty and it won’t hurt you. But I would not recommend doing it long term. It comes entirely from either heavily cleaned and treated sewage water or filtered/distilled sea water, so its heavy water and has significant chlorine and whatnot. It doesn’t taste great either. There’s a reason locals regularly get big bottles of water delivered to their doorstep.
Alfred | 18-10-2021

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